Don’t Beat About The Bush With Our Holyrood Five

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Don’t Beat About The Bush With Our Holyrood Five

Holyrood PR Blog

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We can’t catch a break with this miserable weather which doesn’t exactly put us in the mood for living it large at the weekend! Although us Scots are hardened to it, if you’re having an evening in tonight and need some indoor entertainment Taxidermia could be the movie for you-if you’re into theatrical nightmares!
I started watching this lastnight and I think it’s safe to say the graphic opening scene definately grabs you. Check out the trailer and if you do happen to get sucked in, let us know what you think!


Now, we have all heard about the panda’s at Edinburgh Zoo, including a rather avidly publicised focus on their sex lives (or as it turned out – lack thereof) and I do not think I am alone in feeling like their presence has long enough overshadowed the existence of other memebers of the favcilties animal family. But no longer – as sneaking (back) into first position with plans being unveiled for a new £750,000 enclosure are…the penguins! A longstanding favourite, partly thanks to their daily parade, the penguins are probably my favourite animals at the Zoo (apart from the Giraffes, with whom I share a height related affinity that no one can take away form us). So, for all you penguin enthusiasts who think the pandas have had their time in the spotlight – watch this space! Oh, and if you feel like donating I believe they are looking for a spare £100 grand. A small price to pay, I feel, for more flippers and less fur.​


Ever stopped and questioned why we yell ‘Geronimo’ before we take a massive leap off a rock cliff!? Mental Floss has the story which begins in the 1940s with the United States Army and a keg load of beer! Inticed? Read on for the rest of the story!

FAKE LIKES (Victoria)

A BBC investigation has found that companies are wasting money on Facebook adverts in a bid to gain more ‘likes’ for their page as a staggering proportion of profiles are fakes.
It is estimated that between 5-6% of Facebook profiles are fake – around 54 million profiles – set up by spammers to spread dangerous links.
The authors of these pages are told to ‘like’ as many pages as they can to create a community to spread their malware, and with this practice increasing, doubt is drawing on the true value of costly advertising.
To back up their claims, the BBC conducted their own experiment, setting up a company page for ‘Virtual Bagels’ and placing adverts to generate ‘likes’.
The page attracted over 1600 ‘likes’ in just 24 hours, with much of the ‘likers’ coming from India, Egypt, Indonesia and the Phillipines – 75% from Cairo alone – suspicious indeed.


There are some parts of technology I just don’t understand.  Even though I’ve had several smartphones, I still find myself surprised by certain cool things my phone can do.  In my hunt to figure out what was wrong with my iPhone on Wednesday (before I realised it was just the O2 servers) a friend referred me to the book The Smartphone Handbook.  It’s a nifty tool designed to help people work out the little kinks they come across through daily use, and teach people how to get the most out of their Androids and iPhones. The book had some pretty cool tips, some applications I’d never heard of, and had some suggestions on how to extend battery life. A worthwhile read, fairly inexpensive, and easy to understand-even for a technology numpty like me J.