Don’t Be Afraid Of These Terrifyingly Terrific Links


Don’t Be Afraid Of These Terrifyingly Terrific Links


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In a bid to attract more visitors and cement their status as the ‘most terrifying experience’ a haunted house in Canada have taken snaps of their terrified tourists as they are scared by what the house has to offer. The pictures are extremely funny and you can definitely sense the fear. Also check out how it is the men who are hiding behind the women and not the other way round – very chivalrous!!/photos/127816/1


This cyclist was in for shock after catching the attention of a charging antelope.  One of the latest videos to take storm on the web shows a speeding cyclist getting thrown from his bike after being ambushed by the enraged animal.More than one million people have watched the moment South African mountain biker Evan van der Spuy was violently knocked off his bike in the 24 hours since the footage was posted online.  He was taking part in a race across Africa’s Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve when he was given a smack down by the 330lb beast. You can hear his ‘Team Jeep’ colleague Travis Walker, who videoed the scene, shouting ‘Watch the buck’ and then on the moment of the impact shout out ‘HOLY COW’.  The animal is seen gallivanting off into the distance whilst Evan is left in severe pain but amazingly he escapes unhurt leaving with his shattered helmet which serves as a reminder of how important the skull protectors are.


It may not be much of a problem in Edinburgh but if you’re a London resident it can be quite a challenge getting a seat on the tube. One commuter has revealed the secret tricks he uses to ensure he gets a coveted seat on the Tube and is sharing them with fellow commuters after moving to job within walking distance from his home. Describing rush hour as a ‘combat situation’, Brendan Nelson a digital strategist from London advises commuters not to look too interested in up and coming seats, avoid pregnant people and the infirm and not to be fooled by people putting their books in their bags as they are not really leaving but just messing with your mind. I’ve yet to see if the rules actually work, but if anyone has given them a try and managed to bag a seat it let us know!


If you only see one Japanese anime/manga film in your whole life, you can’t get much better than the ultra-violent, dystopian 80’s adventure Akira. Rightly held up as one of the classics of the genre – and the first to catch the attention of fans in the West – this sprawling tale of motorcycle gangs in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo is among the biggest cult hits to ever come from the land of the rising sun. Now, for the first time, fans of the movie are being given the chance to purchase a set of the iconic red leathers worn by hero Tetsuo Shima – the first-ever official Akira tie-in clothing, released this week to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original manga comic version of the story. The bad news, however, is that if you want to get your hands on this awesome jacket, it’s going to cost you $900. Unfortunately I’ve not got the cash, but I’d happily accept a gift if anyone’s willing…


The first thing i am going to do when i get home is deliver this story to my sister. Amber Miller, an American woman who took part in the Chicago Marathon, miraculously completed the 26.2mile run and went into labour immediately afterwards. This is truly amazing as my sister claims that she cannot do the dishes because it puts too much strain on her legs. Eh? Look at oor Amber, heading to the maternity unit with a marathon medal around her neck! Sis – if you’re reading this, you should hang that beautiful wee head of yours in shame.