Does Social Media Seem Totally Alien? This BBC Video Shows The Truth Is Out There


Does Social Media Seem Totally Alien? This BBC Video Shows The Truth Is Out There


Earlier this week I met with more than 25 business people all keen enough to learn about social media that they were prepared to give up two and a half hours of their precious personal time.

What was clear at Thursday’s packed event is that social media is now on everybody’s radar – though for many it remains totally alien.

They sense there is someting out there. They appreciate it is likely to result in a close enconter at some point. Apprehension aside, most of them are even looking forward to the first contact.

With that in mind, I loved this clever and thought-provoking online video from the BBC. It captures the epic potential of the internet.

For those who still feel uncertain about where to begin their own cyberspace voyage, it also sends out another message: “You are not alone.”

Anyone in business who currently feels threatened or overwhelmed by the giant, hovering alien vehicle of Web 2.0 and social media, could do a lot worse than visiting the Beeb’s Superpower website.

It looks like compelling season of programming throughout March which will serve as the perfect introduction to Web 2.0: the main players; the underlying philosophies; the changes being wrought across society.

Personally I loved the episodes of Virtual Revolution, presented by Dr Aleks Krotoski – not only were her programmes insightful, but she also pulled together a stellar line up of experts to provide commentary. It’s been the only must watch TV for me in the past six months and I heartily recommend catching it on iPlayer or on demand TV

Yep, it can seem like there is a lot of X-Files type strageness in social media – mostly because the terminology and the tools can seem offputtingly odd.

But take the advice from this BBC video. Reach out and you might just discover that you have an internet superpower of your own.

(* The event was part of the Social Media 20:20 series I am involved in putting together and complements other speaking engagements I give on the integration of public relations and social media. Please contact me if you’d like to find out if I can help you business or organisation).

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