Dodging Saturn To Pass The Internet Baton

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It’s my day of birth so it only seems right to hit out with a link which speaks of what my mother bestowed upon me – a set of nips. I seem to have totally missed some nipple movement sweeping across the UK, got to say I’m pretty relieved, mine aren’t too bad.
But apparently the appearance of our milkers have been causing thousands of women feelings of insecurity and the hunt is on to define, darken, and enlarge their areolae. Fashion favours neat ones, but there’s a growing trend for larger bad boys with ladies shelling out over £1,000 for “tittooing,” a not-so-clever nickname for the two-hour tattooing procedure. 
Mental if you ask me but I’m sure it will be pass like the old designer vagina.^editors_choice 


Have you ever found yourself walking past a nondescript café or newsagents and noticing a particularly apt, yet slightly off the wall, sign? I know I have, but when you try to recall the wit or clever imagery, it always escapes you. So, in order for you to relive that light bulb moment, I direct your attention to BuzzFeed. Featuring a daily sign that says, if not what you expect, what you imagine is true; it’s a great wee way to boost your later morning/early afternoon spirit. And hopefully it will inspire others in their own creativity.


What lengths would you travel to in order to pursue your career? This short blog on Creative Boom tells the story of how UK artist Jeffrey Bowman wanted to learn more about nature so decided to be closer to the mountains and moved to Hemsedal in Norway. Now he immerses himself in nature and organic designs which has helped turn his passion into a career boasting an impressive and diverse portfolio. There is also a short video that shows his stunning log cabin office covered in snow where he designs his stunning work, drawing inspiration from the outdoors.


I never used to be a coffee drinker but lately I’ve just started  getting into it which means I’m now one of those irritating people who can’t function without their morning cup. So this little video story on BBC online, which highlights a new trend of suspended coffee seemed more than apt for today’s link (typed whilst drink a finest cup of the brown stuff) The idea behind suspended coffee, is that when you buy a cup of coffee for yourself  you pay for another cup which can then be claimed back from someone who can’t afford to buy a coffee themselves – a very nice idea. Not only do you get your morning fix you get to spread a little bit of harmony in the world as well. The movement started in Italy and is soon to be launched in the UK as coffee giant Starbucks has announced it will now participate in the scheme. The BBC vid takes a look at how the scheme works. It’s all a nice idea but how will it work in reality?


During a Q+A with an astronaught live in space, a 9th Grader asks if they are ever sick in space and how are they sick. Having never really thought about this question, it did make sense to wonder where all the sick would go when there is no gravity. With a rather sensible answer, the astronaught shows how they have a special ‘barf bag’ for being sick where they can zip it up afterwards and through it away. For me, the most impressive thing about this interview was when he let his microphone floating whilst he spoke and demonstrated the bag. Show off.