DIY PPI Featured iPhone App Review

by Holyrood PR

Friday, August 10th, 2012

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For months now, we’ve been bombarded by TV and radio adverts for reclaiming PPI. However the majority of companies to claim back money actually take a cut from whatever you get back.

With the release of the DIY PPI smartphone app, consumers are able to make claims themselves, thus not having to give money to any third party. Moreover, this app is very quick and smiple to use. 

By using the services of a Claims Management Company (CMC), some consumers are losing around £1,438 in fees, whereas by using the app, the only cost to the consumer is the initial purchase fee, an affordable £3.99. 

Since it’s release, the app has been making waves in not only the personal finance sector, but also the technology and app sectors. It was recently featured in an online article on iPhone App Review, where it was recommended as a sensible alternative to using Claims Management Companies.

DIY PPI can be found in the Apple App store  and they have also just joined Twitter, featuring the latest stories about personal finance and banking, to keep you informed!

The original article was published on the iPhone app Review and was secured on behalf ofDIY PPI as a part of an ongoing PR campaign with Holyrood PR

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