DIY PPI Featured In The Herald

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DIY PPI in The Herald

Not only are we all subjected to the constant television and radio adverts from CMCs (Claims Management Companies), but now, it’s common practice for consumers to receive text messages about how to claim PPI, despite not having contactd anyone about it in the first place. Help is here for us all now, with the arrival of the new DIY PPI smartphone app, which allows those making claims to do so on their own, hassle-free, and at a fraction of what it would cost if done through a CMC. 

Since its release, the app has been getting a lot of attention from app reviewers, technology bloggers, and or course, finance journalists. Here it is featured in the Herald, where it is reinforced as a more cost-effective way to reclaim your PPI. 

DIY PPI can be found in the Apple App store  and they have also just joined Twitter, featuring the latest stories about personal finance and banking, to keep you informed!

The original article was published on the iPhone app Review and was secured on behalf ofDIY PPI as a part of an ongoing PR campaign with Holyrood PR