Divino – The Perfect Valentine Gift For Men?

Divino Enoteca Press releases

Divino – The Perfect Valentine Gift For Men?

Divino Enoteca Press releases

Divino Enoteca, is one of Edinburgh’s new wine bars. It gives wine lovers the opportunity to learn about the world’s finest vintage wines and vineyards.

 Divino holds a series of wine education classes, in an exclusive private room, which is to enable a better understanding and appreciation of the wines in the venue. There are three different courses available for beginners to enthusiasts, so Divino has something for everyone.

A recent article from the Herald and Post, is setting out to see how women can return the favour on Valentine’s Day.

 It includes a list of potential gifts for women to get men, whilst emphasising that the women get off easy, wanting the men to arrange a candle-light dinner or flood them with chocolates.

The article states that: “if you look hard enough you will find the perfect gift for him whether he’s macho or metro”.

Divino is featured in the list of gifts for the specific wine lover. It states that a class costs £95 for the day; however, this also includes lunch at Italian restaurant Vittoria, situated on George IV Bridge.

The day featured in the article, allows class leaders take the pupils through a sensory tasting journey. This includes some of Italy and the world’s finest wines. Pupils will be able to expertly identify each wine and place it with complementary food and drink matches.

Each class is lead by wine enthusiast Tom Offrey and case studies founder Claire Blackler. They provide information about the vintage wines and what regions they are from. They also demonstrate how to taste wines in a certain way in which they will be appreciated.

Nonetheless there is a nine week course for those who wish to become professional wine enthusiasts’ where a student will learn everything there is to know about wine. From the grape to the glass, this also includes sitting an examination at the end.

 This provides them with a recognised qualification and no stone left unturned when it comes to wine knowledge.

The article featured was posted on 27th January in the Herald and Post and this extract on Divino Enoteca was made possible through a media campaign by Holyrood PR.