Diversity is Key For Panton McLeod

Panton McLeod Press releases

Diversity is Key For Panton McLeod

Panton McLeod Press releases

Institute of Water Journal

Panton McLeod make a splash with Double page spread.

Panton McLeod grabbed a double page spread in the Institute of Water journal with a feature on its range of services.

The Scottish Borders based company has earned a nationwide reputation as one of the UK’s leading experts in the UK water sector since its formation in 1994.

A wealth of experience with the development of a range of additional services has given the firm of the opportunity to offer multiple solutions to the challenges faced by water companies including Severn Trent, United Utilities, Welsh Water & Scottish Water. 

In addition to their Drain-down Cleaning Division, Panton McLeod is rapidly expanding their other divisions including Repair and Refurbishment of structures, Robotic Inspection and Cleaning, Pipeline services and Onsite Waste treatment. 

This focused yet broad service range now fits with the increased client demand for more flexible solutions from a single supplier.

Jim W Panton Chief Executive Officer at Panton McLeod said: “At the moment the business is strong with us having gone through a period of sustained growth in the UK and landing our first partnership distribution deal in the U.S. which was a major breakthrough.

“Our growth has given the company the opportunity to evolve the range of services and improve our technology. The restructuring of our management team has led to internal improvements, and an upcoming move to larger headquarters will further enhance our capability.

“These developments are allowing us to operate more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs, whilst also helping us to recognise and respond to customers’ needs more effectively and with an improved quality of service.”

Panton McLeod’s robotic division is a major part of its project work with a succession of impressive results highlighting the importance of the technology to the water industry. High profile projects for underwater inspections, cleaning and waste treatment across the UK include treating a whole network system over 6 months in South Wales for Welsh Water and programmes for Wessex Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent and Scottish Water.

Elsewhere across the country, Panton McLeod continues to carry out routine remedial repairs directly for the Water Companies from the South coast to the North of Scotland as well as larger projects for Tier 1 partners on a monthly basis.  

The company is driven to promote itself as being committed to adapting their services with ambitious plans to expand and grow throughout both the UK and abroad. 

The full coverage was in the summer issue of the Institute of Water journal and was secured on behalf of Panton McLeod thanks to Holyrood PR.