Disused Warehouse Donated for Art Show

Waterfront Edinburgh Limited Press releases

A GROUP of local artists have been given the go ahead to transform a disused warehouse for an innovative exhibition – after the premises were donated by Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd.

The premises, a disused former plumber’s merchant, is due for demolition in three years time as Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd continues the redevelopment of 120 acres of land at Granton and the creation of a new community.

But before then, directors at the development agency believed the warehouse could be put to better use and agreed to donate it for use by local artists.

The Free and Reactive Edinburgh Arts Kollective (Freak) is behind the transformation of the warehouse into a venue for art exhibitions, live music, performances, films, and workshops during the four day event.

The free event will run from 10-14 October at the building at 28 West Harbour Road in Granton and organisers are inviting locals to come along and get involved.

Dani Connell, a member of the Freak collective, said: “We aim to transform this uninteresting and listless warehouse into an amazing and creative space, whilst providing unique opportunities for local residents who may never have access to such amenities. We want to promote social inclusion and creative education to this area of Edinburgh and further a field.

“The free event has an open access policy that will incorporate local residents’ art, performances, a showcase for local bands and DJ’s and also workshops where visitors can learn new skills from circus tricks to clothes customisation.

“The disused building in Granton has been generously donated to us by Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd, a large development company that has a growing interest in giving something back to the local communities where their regeneration and development projects are taking place.”

The event has been inspired by collectives in London, Bristol and Manchester and even European cities in Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Germany that have held similar events that have been an inspiration to everyone that has attended.

Colin Hunter, Chief Executive of Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd, said: “We are always keen to support innovative local projects where we can and this exhibition certainly falls into that category.

“Our entire ethos is about creating a new, welcoming and socially inclusive community at Edinburgh’s Waterfront and this exhibition mirrors that exactly. That is why we are delighted to be able to donate the building for the exhibition and see it put to such colourful use.”

Steve Cardownie, chairman of Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd, added: “I am very happy to hear that the building has been donated for this fantastic local exhibition and I am positive that the people of Granton will come out in force to support this.

“I wish the organisers every success and I hope this will the first of many similar events in Edinburgh’s most exciting new community.”