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Revolutionary heating system enjoyed a sales spike after successful public relations campaign

infranomic heaters which are also mirrors in Earl of Marchmont pub, EdinburghWHEN Direct Savings took on the big boys of the energy sector, our public relations team helped by by promoting and driving sales of the company’s ‘next generation home heating system’.

The family-owned Scottish company sells and installs Infranomic far-infrared heating panels, an efficient, affordable and healthy alternative to other central heating systems, with panels disguised as family portraits or mirrors (as shown in the image, from an Edinburgh pub which uses Infranomic heating).

Results of the PR campaign were impressive including:

* Doubling agreed coverage targets

* Delivering important key messages in more than half of all coverage

* Smashing clear targets for qualified leads and converted sales.


For  more detail on the campaign, the results and feedback from a delighted client, click to download the two page PDF case study.


Deputy First Minister John Swinney at a PR campaign event for Direct SavingsOur carefully crafted campaign focused on the financial benefits for canny customers who have seen fuel benefits soar since the credit crunch.

Meanwhile we built credibility for the new product with endorsements  consumers could trust, from the National Trust for Scotland, St Andrews University and Scottish Government minister John Swinney.

Finally we used our unrivalled story-spotting skills to dig out compelling human interest stories, ranging from heating the coldest home in the Highlands to creating Britain’s first local pub warmed by Infranomic heaters.

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