Direct Savings Drive To Advance Next Generation in Heating

Direct Savings Press releases

Direct Savings Drive To Advance Next Generation in Heating

Direct Savings Press releases

Direct Savings, the Scottish home energy efficiency specialist, has linked up with one of the UK’s leading environmental consultancies to advance the drive to position its Infranomic Far-Infrared system as the next generation of domestic heating.

The West Lothian-based company’s tie-up with newly-created Johnston Renewables Limited (JRL) aims to promote far-infrared heating technology as a low carbon-low cost heating option and to push forward the product’s technical acceptance under SAP’s Appendix Q – the route to the Green Deal technology list and associated funding.

The objective is to see Infranomics included on the list of approved products for the Government Green Deal and ECO programmes and to support a marketing drive to promote the systems with homeowners, housebuilders and social housing providers.

A previous report from sustainability and climate change consultancy experts, Verco, who conducted an independent study to determine the benefits of this form of heating, found that far infrared panels use 41% less carbon emissions when heating a room compared with electric storage heaters. This generally comes under HVAC solutions and one must tread carefully as the cost of such appliances is soaring day-by-day. If you own an appliance such as this, then it is important to maintain it well. To do that, you can check out KCS Heating And Air solutions.

Johnston Renewables, which has recently formed from a spinout from Verco, will assist Direct Savings in its SAP Appendix Q application – this is the application process that measures the performance of a new technological product and acts as a gateway for the product to be universally approved.

The Johnston Renewables team will also support the on-going promotion of Infranomics in the affordable warmth for homes market and as part of the Green Deal and ECO programmes.

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Partnership will ensure increased credibility

Ged Smith, Managing Director of Direct Savings, said the partnership with Johnston Renewables will help bring increased credibility to Infranomics which are already being installed in hundreds of homes across the UK.

He said: “We’re really excited about how successful the Infranomic Infrared heating panels are becoming.

“The panels are the next generation in heating and this work with Johnston Renewables will provide the solid, technical authentication that the panels can help home and business owners to save money and to stay warm.

“The future for Infranomics is very bright and the potential is huge. Hopefully the successful result of this tie-up will firmly place Infranomics on the radar as a key player in the world of heating.”

JRL, whilst also developing renewables and improving building energy efficiency, aim to help organisations like Direct Savings gain credibility and trust.  This will hopefully promote new technologies that they believe can help drive forward the Government’s ECO initiatives and fit with the Scottish Governments long term carbon reduction strategies whilst improving thermal comfort levels in homes.

Head of Development, Victoria Silver, from JRL said: “The initial research we did for Infranomics was very interesting and we were really glad they wanted us to continue working for them, getting far-infrared heating known and better understood.  Looking at what we call ‘the whole house system’ is very important, and whilst electric heaters have long been thought of as inefficient and expensive to run, these far-infrared heating panels form a heating system, rather than being just an individual heater, that use electricity but to produce a very different type of heat.

“There is the added benefit that you can in theory produce your own electricity (hence the whole house system, treating a home like its own power station) and so we are currently modelling far-infrared heating panels in conjunction with PV panels to calculate costs and carbon emissions associated with taking this approach.  We’re also investigating the health issues (mainly respiratory) associated with externally clad high rise flats and looking at situations like this where far-infrared heating could also have associated health benefits.”

Customer Satisfaction

Direct Savings is installing Infranomic systems across the UK, which are being met with great acclaim from customers.  It is also working with St Andrews University on enhanced research and is involved in a joint project with Historic Scotland/National Trust of Scotland to show the value Infranomics can bring to historic properties.

The Direct Savings Infranomic heaters emit far infrared heat which is absorbed into the thermal mass of the room meaning the heat retention is far greater to that of warm air conventional systems and that thermal comfort levels are reached with a lower air temperature (as it’s not trying to heat the air space itself) and less repair requirements, according to specialists from an AC repair company.  In addition, the actual operating time of the heater is greatly reduced and the heat spreads evenly throughout the room. Dallas mold removal company will check if you have any mold problem as a result of previous improper heating.

Far infrared is also acknowledged as a natural and harmless form of heating that is actually beneficial to the human body – the body is designed to absorb infrared energy as it operates on the same frequency.

Direct Savings is one of the UK’s leading national installer of high quality, innovative energy saving solutions. It operates out of six bases – its Bathgate head office, Livingston, Perth, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford.

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