Dip In For Another Selection Of Web Hits

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Dip In For Another Selection Of Web Hits

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Following on from yesterday’s slightly smutty offering, I could not resist but to share this with you all.
You would think that for any business, the name of a product is integral to it’s success.  It determines the product’s marketability and creates a crucial distinction from its competitors.  And you would presume that these names go through months and months of rigorous market testing…
The Huffington Post has compiled a gallery of products that somehow slipped through the net and must create an awful lot of giggling in the aisles of supermarkets.


A leading supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has showed its softer side and scored a PR win after responding to a letter from a young customer who was baffled why they called tiger bread, tiger bread and not giraffe bread. Lily Robinson aged 3 ½ wrote to the store to the store to ask the all important questions and the customer manager responded with a polite and rather cute response which said that they would consider renaming the bread giraffe bread. Sainsbury’s even included a little a gift card with enough money on it so that Lily’s mum could take her to buy some of the bread along with a few sweets and the customer manager even signed the card ‘Chris King age 27 ¾’ just like Lily. The letter which was written almost eight months ago has recently resurfaced on Facebook and has had 154,000 likes. I’m unsure as to whether or not it was posted by the clever PR team at Sainsbury’s or by Lily’s family but either way it has done wonders for Sainsbury’s reputation and shown them to be a supermarket who cares.


Those of you who’re a big fan of the 1980s classic The Goonies and the critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones will hopefully delight at this ridiculous Youtube clip which mashes two of best known scenes from both. Some great reaction shots from the surrounding characters in the shot.


We are all familiar of the stereotypes that exist for us and our neighbouring friends in Europe but interestingly these stereotypes have just been confirmed. Six newspapers in the Europa project were asked to stereotype each other with the country under fire offering a rebuttal. My favourite has to be the stereotype given for Germany, in particular the reference to the fact they are prone to stealing the best sun loungers on holiday- totally true!


Blockbusters love documenting the fight of those who have been left to struggle in lifeless post-apocalyptic wastelands. Those involved are normally of the human sort but Epic Films have come to think about what it would be like to be the last remaining panda. This slightly bizarre short film introduces how a giant panda bear would survive in a desperately violent world to fight for any remaining resources.
Apparently it’s based on a TV series Epic Films are developing-now that’s something I would want to see!