Influencers addicted to Mackie’s cult classic crisps

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Influencers couldn’t get enough of Mackie’s Crisps new pickled onion flavour, thanks to digital PR triumph

OUR TEAM of digital PR experts landed key foodie influencers to promote the launch of Mackie’s new pickled onion crisps.

Our PR experts sparked serious interest in the latest launch from the beloved Scottish crisp brand by targeting influencers that reflect Mackie’s brand and personality.

We reached out to our favourite food and drink and lifestyle influencers to see if they would be interested in trying the new crisps, before coordinating addresses and working with the team at Mackie’s to send the PR packages out.

The crisps went down a storm and influencers were quick to share their tasty experiences with their hundreds and thousands of keen foodie followers:

  • 17 influencers responded with 38 posts across Instagram and Twitter, reaching more than 110,600 followers
  • Chef Paul Wedgwood (a fan of a pickled onion crisp and cheese sandwich) tweeted: “Thanks Mackie’s Crisps #guiltypleasure looking forward to trying them later with some aged cheddar” to his 2,523 followers
  • Plate Expectations hosted a giveaway on her Instagram featuring the pickled onion flavour to her 22,700 followers
  • @eatinburgh “Can confirm they are delicious; Pickled Onion crisps are actually one of my favourite type of crisps”
  • @thepaleopeach “Update: I accidentally ate the whole bag they’re so good @mackiescrisps”
  • @food_wyse “Make sure to add them to your next shopping list, they are available online or in-store at ‘@scotmidcoop”
  • @pancakes_and_polaroids featured the tasty crisps in her Friday night in lockdown reel.

We worked with: @plateexpectations (22.8K followers) who hosted a giveaway, @tartanspoonblog (11.5K), @thepaleopeach (19.7K), @foodinburghandbeyond (17.6K), @tastemagaz (19.8K), @chefwedgwood (2,522), @foodandlifeedinburgh (1,390), @food_wyse (1,434), @edinburghfeasts (2,819), @edinburgh.instascran (4123), @mymonkfish (2,442), @scottishfoodreview  (2,272), and @pancakes_and_polaroids (3,238), used the crisps in her Friday night routine reel.

Our PR team were careful in selecting the right, reliable influencers to target who would give their thoughts on the new launch. Our team knew that the flavour would sell itself, so real-life samples and taste tests would effectively spread the word to potential Mackie’s customers and fans across Scotland.

Most of the coverage was on Instagram through posts and stories, with some posts on Twitter. This is a great way to market the product to keen Scottish foodies who were often seeing a live reaction and immediate response from influencers.  

The coverage on social media reflected the excitement for the new product.

The giveaway hosted by Plate Expectations encouraged consumers to engage with the brand by liking the post, following both @plateexpectations and @makiescrisps, and tagging a friend in the comments. The post saw 505 keen comments which were all positive.

Coverage like this is valuable for Mackie’s as it helps to boost their following and creates an extra buzz around the new launch.

Influencer gifting and giveaways are important ways for brands to get new products in front of potential customers.

Influencers are seen as reliable sources to consumers and they often trust their reviews, similarly to how they would a friend. This can lead to increased knowledge and trust of a product and brand name.

Using influencer marketing can help a brand tap into new audiences and create a deeper meaningful connection to their target consumer.

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