Digital PR that is age appropriate creates amazing buzz for property developers

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Digital PR that is age appropriate creates amazing buzz for property developers

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Plenty of life in this digital PR campaign aimed at active and adventurous downsizers and empty nesters

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HERE’S A conundrum. How do you sell “retirement apartments” while making it clear there’s absolutely nothing grey, fusty or fuddy-duddy about the homes on offer?

Below we share details of how we delivered a colourful, eye-catching and entirely age-appropriate digital PR campaign that helped showcase The Walled Gardens in St Andrews to exactly the right people in exactly the right way. It achieved:

  • An amazing series of powerful brand partnerships, including a top restaurant, a distillery, a gin maker, a brewer and a theatre. Wow
  • Super creative use of paid social media ads, targeted at exactly the right age group
  • A reach of almost quarter of a million – focusing on the right people in the right geographic area
  • More than 12000 interactions with fun-loving silver foxes, digitally-savvy and cash-rich over-50s
  • All of these results with while spending the princely sum of … just £500

There remains an inexplicable stigma about ageing. In fact that some of the coolest people on the planet are getting on a bit  – Barack Obama is 57, Helen Mirren is 73, Mick Jagger is 75, George Clooney is 57 and Ian Rankin is 59, to name just a few from the world of politics, screen, music and literature.

Despite the myths created by youth-obsessed advertising execs and marketers, older people are having a ball. And they just happen to be the segment of the population with money to burn.

Yet media typically portrays older people as those who might need stairlifts, nursing care or incontinence pads. Sadly, anything with “retirement” in the name still runs the risk of being tarnished with outdated stereotypes.

Our digital PR campaign helped the developers behind the beautiful apartments at The Walled Garden in St Andrews to promote the properties as perfectly suited to real people – active silver foxes, empty nesters, downsizers and high net worth individuals with both the time and the means to live life to the full.

Here’s how we delivered exciting brand partnerships, dynamic competitions, tightly-focused social media reach – and left our client absolutely delighted with the results:

Digital PR helps The Walled Gardens build a brand partnership

A tie up with trendy bar and restaurant Forgan’s proved just how tasty a brand partnership can be on social media, earning whopping reach and engagements.

Digital PR blog post image of a cooled glass of gin and tonic for The Walled Gardens and Luvians competition

This exciting brand partnership with a much-loved gin producer proved just the tonic for helping put retirement properties in front of likely buyers.

Blog post image of a dram of whisky for The Walled Gardens' digital pr partnership with Kingsbarns Distillery & Visitor Centre

A mash up with a respected whisky brand helped put fire in the belly of this digital PR campaign, attracting clicks galore.

Digital PR Give yourself the Gift of a Digital Partnership

Well-timed and cleverly packaged digital PR delivered gift-wrapped, seasonal success for The Walled Gardens development.

Don’t let youth-obsessed marketing myths cloud your communication to your audience.

People over 50 are one of the wealthiest, most active, adventurous, well-travelled and best-educated segments of humanity that has ever existed.

They’re also digitally-savvy, clued up and well-connected online. So woe-betide the millennial-infatuated brand or business that talks down to them or treats them like decrepit pensioners who wish they were 21 again.

Find out how we can help you deliver digital PR that will speak to your audience, whatever their age

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