Dig In Soldiers, It’s Feeding Time


Dig In Soldiers, It’s Feeding Time

Youtube turd burger

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I’ll launch straight into this one-a Japanese scientist has invented  burger steaks from human crap! Why? Because it contains a great deal of protein and let’s face it, they probably contain more than the ones from McDonald’s which look like crap anyway!
Mitsuyuki Ikeda believes that his soy and steak sauced up turd burgers could be the solution to the environmental consequences posed by the livestock industry! He could be right!
One idea I had, if your diet was just burgers would you make a better turd burger?


I think this PR campaign by Grey Poupon Mustard is genius. As PR Examples point out, most brands try desperately with similar gimmicks to get you to ‘like’ their page. This campaign is highly refreshing as it could potentially hinder the number of ‘likes’ the page receives. The high end brand scans profiles with an app to assess whether or not you are of high enough class to be associated with their brand. Judging your writing style, interests and number of photos you are tagged in, the app gives you a score – the higher the score, the more likely you are to become a member of ‘The Society of Good Taste.’ Not to boast, but as a newly qualified member I now have access to free gifts each week, as well as the smug sense of achievement of passing the test. Yes, it may be elitist, but it is creative and innovative. 


The marketing power of the internet should not be underestimated, which is a lesson supermarket giant Waitrose learned yesterday.
They launched a Twitter campaign asking people to finish the sentence: I shop at Waitrose because… followed by the hashtag #waitrosereasons.  
Hilarity ensued, with peoples’ replies mocking its posh image – a reputation Waitrose has been trying to shake off.
Many tweets were lighthearted and humorous, but there were a few of a deregatory nature which seemed to cast a dark shadow on the campaign.
This is only one example in a long line of social media fails with many companies getting it completely wrong, including the infamous #McDStories which didn’t exactly go to plan.


United Colors of Benetton has launched a new campaign through its UNHATE foundation to support unemployed youth across the world.  The clothing brand has been known to shock people with its campaigns previous to this but this time they have chosen to use a more honest approach with imagery of normal people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETS). The aim of the campaign is to get people aged 18-30 who are out of work to submit ideas that will lead to concrete social impact in their community. The best idea will get 5,000 Euros to try and make that idea a reality. I think it’s a great idea to help get young people inspired and motivated to get more out of life.


So, today is the day a lot of you have been waiting for. No, not Friday, although it is of course nearly the weekend; I am referring to the day the iphone 5 goes on sale. I am not a techy person, but as one of the only people in the office without a Smartphone, even I am slightly intrigued as to what this latest model can bring to the table of usefulness/uselessness. But what intrigued me even more was the revelation on the Huffington Post website that members of charities are queuing up outside stores selling the phone, in order to sell their place for a cash donation which they then give to their chosen charity. Pity no one came up with this idea when the Harry Potter books were coming out – my mum would have been quite happy to exchange hours spent standing outside Waterstones in exchange for a couple of quid to a good cause.