Devour On Fridays Feast Of Fantastic Links


Devour On Fridays Feast Of Fantastic Links

Rod Stewart

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I love dress down Fridays cos I get to try out my rock ‘n’roll wardrobe on unsuspecting colleagues.So far I’ve debuted troosers with laces up the sides (a bit like punk-era bondage trousers, high-heeled gym shoes and even threatened to wear the Stovepipe hat I borrowed from drug-crazed axeman, Slash. But today I outdid myself by sporting a pair of super tight leopard print trews – only to find out that wrinkly rocker Rod Stewart has nicked my look and used the very same pants for budgie smuggling.At least we now know how the gravelly-voiced star hits the occasional high note.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ×550-41712.jpg


The recent announcement of Scotland’s greatest album (as chosen by a panel of celebrities assembled by STV) included songs from the 70s, 80’s, 90’s and 00s – and featured Frankie Miller’s Caledonia. I remember vividly how that song featured in a lager TV ad and when the dated footage was trotted out from the archive during the STV show, it brought memories flooding back from a great time in my life. Lager must’ve been important to me in the late 80s and early 90s as it immediately set me thinking of another iconic and musical booze ad from the period, which was a huge hit at the time. So here it is, the McEwan’s Lager ‘chinheads’ ad:


We all enjoy the odd laugh on tv when an unusual word or pronunciation of a word is rather word. Recently on the ITV game show ‘The Chase’ host Bradley Walsh asked a question about a woman with a very unfortunate name. His reaction is to try and hold it in but as you see from the video he struggles and ends up with tears of laughter.


We all have thousands of apps on our smart phones these days which include scanning devices for QR codes. We have seen them on TV and in print and they allow us to scan the codes to take us straight to the web source of the company using them. Betfair who sponsor the Bromley FC football team have taken the phenomenon of QR codes one step further by having them shaved into the heads of the team. Users can try and get up close to scan the players heads to be transported to the Betfair site. It may be hard to scan from the stand so I bet the fans are hoping for an almighty pitch invasion!


Get the Kleenex handy cos this one’s weepy! A teenage girl has become a YouTube hit after posting a moving tribute to her mum who committed suicide earlier this year. Using a series of cards to tell her heart breaking story young Kaitlin Brand is visibly upset as she lets us into her deepest secrets but reveals to us that she wants to keep on smiling as that is how her mum liked her best – when she was smiling. The teenager created the three minute clip which has had over 65,000 views in order to encourage those with suicidal thoughts to get help and talk about their problems before they feel there is no escape. Definitely a tear jerker and a very brave young girl.