Mackie's 19.2 waffles

Desserts go the extra mile

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases

Desserts go the extra mile

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases

Mackie’s 19.2 partners with Deliveroo

Mackie's 19.2 waffles

A CITY ice cream parlour is has answered the calls of Aberdonians by making it possible for people to get their hands on their favourite desserts without having to leave the house.

Delivering sweet treats with incredibly low food miles, Mackie’s 19.2 has responded to a number of calls for home delivery as it partners with Deliveroo.

Yvette Harrison, parlour manager at 19.2, said: “Unless you’re picking fruit from your garden, we think you’ll struggle to find a dessert that’s reached your kitchen or sofa with so few carbon emissions as our ice cream.

“Our ice cream is made using renewable energy on our farm near Inverurie – so pairing that with the fact that all the deliveries will be made by bike means that getting a 19.2 delivery is a pretty environmentally friendly option.”

As well as ice cream, the parlour now has its waffles, milkshakes and sundaes all available to be delivered to your door.

Mackie’s of Scotland’s flagship parlour in Marischal Square is named 19.2 because it’s located exactly 19.2 miles away from the family farm where the ice cream is made.

Yvette added: “This new offering is just perfect for those in the city centre who are planning a big night in.”

Renewable energy is a cornerstone of Mackie’s success, with millions of pounds of investment spent on on-site renewables and diverse energy production that includes four wind turbines, a biomass energy plant and a 10 acre solar farm.

Mackie’s 19.2 has some exciting new recipes in the works to be released at the start of autumn and over the Halloween weekend.

Their fourth generation family farm, Westertown, started producing ice cream in 1986 and still produce it all using only milk and dairy from their own herds.

Chocolate is Mackie’s most recent diversification. Mackie’s bars are created in its very own chocolate factory, and available in four flavours: Honeycomb, Traditional Milk, Mint, and Dark 70% Cocoa.

The chocolate that Mackie’s makes on its farm is used in its chocolate ice cream recipe and also pours from the ever-flowing tap in the parlour to make great dessert toppings and hot chocolates as the colder months approach.


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