Dermal Clinic is First in Scotland to Provide LashClinic Treatment

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Expert Growth Without Batting An Eyelash Exclusively Available In Scotland

Dermal Clinic Press releases


A leading cosmetic clinic has become the first in Scotland to invest in a revolutionary treatment that has been long sought-after by the beauty industry – one that enables natural eyelash growth in just a few weeks.

Now, for those who are fed up relying on fiddly falsies as part of their beauty or make-up regime, Edinburgh-based Dermal Clinic is the sole provider of the simple and safe ‘LashClinic’ treatment, which makes eyelashes quickly grow thicker, longer and darker.

The product is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis – the condition of having sparse or inadequate lashes. It has been approved in the U.S. since 2008 and has so far helped thousands of women frame their eyes naturally and effectively.

Research is also currently being undertaken in America using the LashClinic treatment to determine its effects on male pattern baldness and on increasing the speed at which patients undergoing chemotherapy can re-grow their lashes.

Jackie Partridge, BSc (DERM) RGN NIP and founding Director at Dermal Clinic, said: “We’re very excited to be able to bring this exclusive product to this side of the Atlantic, as it’s a very easy and manageable treatment which really does give fantastic results.

“Thin, weak and sparse lashes are not uncommon and can be a sign of ageing or of the condition hypotrichosis, and LashClinic has been expertly designed to rectify these issues.

“The treatment is a simple bottled solution that is applied just once each night to the base of the top eyelid lashes like liquid eyeliner. It stimulates the follicles overnight to extend the growth phase of the hair life cycle.

“The best results can be seen after just four months, but obvious growth begins to show as early as just eight weeks.

“LashClinic isn’t currently available at any other clinic in Scotland besides Dermal Clinic, so we would encourage anyone who is concerned about the appearance of their eyelashes to come in and find out how they could benefit.”

LashClinic treatment is prescribed by Dermal Clinic for a medical condition and, as such, an initial medical consultation is required to determine whether the product is suitable for the customer.

Dermal Clinic, located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to provide specialist care for the face and body.

It specialises in providing expert advice, solutions and services to help clients feel better about themselves – including treatments unique to Scotland.

The cost of the LashClinic treatment is £85 for 30 applications.