Dental Focus on Lubiju after Holyrood PR Shows Gleaming Positive PR for Charity Work

by Holyrood PR

Monday, June 29th, 2009

For most children a holiday is a relaxing break, a chance to unwind and perhaps have some sweets and treats they wouldn’t normally get. A recent trip by a group of children from Belarus to Edinburgh was decidedly different though. Not only did they have to go to the dentist and doctors as part of their holiday, it was a holiday that would also add two years to each of their lifespans.

This was the trip revealed by Dental Focus, one of the dental industry’s most-read websites. The story, picked up from after being issued by Holyrood PR for holistic cosmetic dental clinic Lubiju, told how 25 children had come over to Edinburgh to give their immune systems a chance to recover from constant background radiation bombradment – the legacy of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The article told how Dr Biju Krishnan offered to help treat the children – who all had cavities with many requiring extractions – while they were in Scotland during their June-long trip. Health experts had calculated that one month out the zone would add two years to the lifespan of every child.

Biju shrugged off the cost of the treatment, estimated to be in the thousands of pounds, giving up his time off to ensure that every child was given a first-class examination.

And, as the article spotted, the charity work tale was picked up by other Edinburgh newspapers and news agencies, spreading word of Biju’s selfless act across the globe, resulting in positive PR for Edinburgh and the Edinburgh dentist.

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