Dental Experts Look to Edinburgh PR Specialists to Promote New Surgery

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Dental Experts Look to Edinburgh PR Specialists to Promote New Surgery

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Lubiju dental experts promoted by Edinburgh PR specialists the Holyrood PRTWO leading dentists have highlighted the growing importance of private medical sector to the Scottish economy by opening one of the country’s most advanced treatment centres.  .

Lubiju represents an investment of £750,000 to create a new practice offering the ambience of a five-star hotel combined with most hi-tech treatment techniques and equipment available in cosmetic dentistry.

Doctors Biju Krishnan and Lubino do Rego have already created a respected UK centre of excellence the Scottish Dental Implant Centre, in part of their Drake Dental Practice in Edinburgh which is open to NHS patients.

Now they have opened Lubiju at Commercial Quay in Leith to concentrate on adopting and developing the most advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry to Scotland’s ever-growing portfolio of private patients.

New techniques

Dr Krishnan said: “We’re really excited about the possibilities at the new practice. Scotland has a patchy dental record and we are now at the leading edge of bringing the best new techniques and technology into the country.

“We are looking at everything from the most advanced implants and surgical methods, to breakthroughs in needle-free and painless treatments and also the most up-to-date cosmetic dentistry.

“On top of that we have also recognised the growing respect, understanding and awareness of complementary therapies and are incorporating holistic and natural treatments along with the latest that medical science has to offer.”

“Lubiju represents a major investment by us, but that reflects the scale of demand there is for top class private medical and dental treatments.”

The new centre has two plush consulting rooms, an x-ray area which was created using a ton of lead and a state-of-the-art sterilisation room, known as a Local Decontamination Unit.

Flat screen TVs

It is also fitted out with three hi-tech treatment suites, each with a designer flat screen TV on the ceiling, so patients can watch DVDs during longer treatments such as laser tooth whitening.

Each suite is also equipped with powerful, hi-tech, ceiling-mounted cameras, which can film surgical and cosmetic procedures to be beamed to specialist audiences elsewhere in the practice – or anywhere in the world – for training and teaching purposes.

Dr Krishnan is a former pupil of Dundee’s Morgan Academy, while Dr do Rego was at Edinburgh’s St Augustine’s High School. They met and became close friends studying and graduating together at Dundee University.

After serving their time as NHS dentists, father of two Dr Krishnan was forced out of practice for two years after a car accident left him with a serious back injury. However, during the enforced break he joined with Dr do Rego to set up a web-based dental supplies business.

They later sold up the business and in 2002 established their own Drake Dental Practice in Edinburgh’s Constitution Street. In 2003 they secured the services of Dr John Cuccio, a world-renowned dental implant expert with 35 years experience who sold up his Harley Street practice to move to Scotland.

Dr Cuccio is just one of the experts who will take up consultancy at Lubiju, with others in anaesthetics, maxillo-facial surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery in place or lined up.

Detox treatments

Lubiju also has its own dedicated massage and complementary therapy treatment room, with expert staff who also provide alternative health advice, relaxation and beauty treatments, non-surgical facelifts and other rejuvenation and detox treatments.

It is also building a reputation for attracting Europe’s leading alternative medicine practitioners who are renowned for successes in treating serious conditions from infertility and irritable bowel syndrome to diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Dr Krishnan said: “There is nowhere else in Scotland – and very few centres in the UK – which offer this unique blend of advanced medical treatments and the very best in alternative therapies.

“It means we literally treat the mind, the body and the spirit and in every area we seek out the highest calibre international experts and the best equipment to do that.”

Lubiju will be promoted by Edinburgh media specialists the Holyrood PR, who provide expert PR in Scotland.