Delve Into Our Minds With Our Top Five

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Delve Into Our Minds With Our Top Five

Holyrood PR Blog
Guitar urinals

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Well guys get all the fun don’t they? A urinal which has a guitar built in- yes a guitar, is allowing men to become guitar heroes whilst they pee. The Guitar pee is an interactive urinal which has been designed by Brazilian agency AlmapBBD. So basically guys pee into the urinal on to the strings of the guitar which therefore makes a wee tune. The best thing about it is there is a dedicated website where you can hear your creation. Rock on!


From time to time we all get a bit of road rage at some of the idiots on the road. Some may hoot the horn, others scream in their car. But in this video, the road rage is taken to a whole new level. The back story to this is that the motorcyclist was driving up the middle of 2 lanes and the woman in the right lane isn’t happy with it and cuts him off, prompting the cyclist to brake and in a vent of rage, kick her car. What happens next not only shocks you but you can’t help but laugh at it.
For any learners or wannabe drivers out there this is not how you are meant to drive or react to situations.


If there ever was an app tailored made for Scots then this is clearly it. An app has been developed that will let people play virtual bagpipes on their iPhone.
And, to the shame of all Scots, it was made in New Zealand.
Creator Tim Ross came up with the app to prove the late Apple founder Steve Jobs wrong when he said that an iPhone “can really be anything… except a bagpipe”.
Tim decided he would pursue with the idea for the app idea after hearing the pipes at his grandfather’s funeral.


Technology these days just seems to be advancing by the minute and this latest web gadget from Google could be the most sought after piece of technology if its released. Google has created new tecno googles which allow users to check their emails, view maps and search the web over their vision of the real world. The glasses run via android technology and the serach giant is looking for ways in which they can be improved so that they are as marketable as possible. Check out the video here and see what you think.


I think we’ve all wondered what life would be like without Facebook-sad or what! But this link highlighting some obsessed Facebookers has proven that there are times when using the site is plain mental! Note if yer robbing a hoose probably don’t sign in to the unlucky home owners computer!