Delve Into Our Internet Delights


Delve Into Our Internet Delights


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Nearly 500 young boys have dressed as Mahatmi Ghandi in honour of the iconic leader who was assassinated 64 years to the day – earning themselves a world record at the same. Hundreds of the under priveliged young boys travelled from all over India wearing glasses, a fake moustached, shawl and walking stick to gather in Kolkata, West Bengal to beat the current record by 200. It’s a pretty impressive sight and was even watched by Ghandi’s granddaughter Usha Gokani.


An Irish horse trainer has hit the headlines of the national Irish newspapers and gone viral on Youtube after getting over excited with his win and revealing a little bit too much about what happens in his bedroom. Peter Casey tells RTE presenter Tracey Piggott exactly how he will celebrate by ‘having f***ing sex tonight and everything’ and since then has become a bit of a local celebrity. He even appeared on Ireland’s radio station FM 104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock programme and surprise surprise he was still in bed with his wife! You can hear what he had to say on the radio here and you can see his original faux pas via the link below. At over 70 his wife must be a real lucky lady!


Ever wondered what your animal name might be? No me neither but when I spotted this link I couldn’t help but want to find out. Don’t ask me the science behind it but we are supposed to have an inner animal so why not name it. I was surprised to discover my inner animal name ‘Fantasia the angry komodo dragon’. I think I quite like it.


For those who’ve had sleep paralysis, the fear of waking up and feeling an overwhelming negative presence in the room and trying to call out but being unable to make a sound probably sound horribly familiar. It’s been damn horrific in the moment and it’s almost like you can feel yourself being sucked into a complete nightmare which definitely earns it’s name as ‘old hag syndrome.’ Although quite a logical explanation can be given for the phenomenon-it feels like something out a horror movie. For those who have experienced the same or for those who haven’t but are intrigued-give this documentary a watch-although I warn I actually felt a bit more freaked out after watching it.


If you want a slice of dark British comedy at its best, check out Monkey Dust. The British satirical cartoon handles deeply taboo topics like bestiality, paedophilia, internet porn use and suicide in a pretty sick and twisted but remains entertaining nonetheless.
Check out this clip presenting a suggested outcome of a paedophilic internet conversation.