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If our Holyrood 5 isn’t enough to wet and dry your appetites then we’re up for some social media harassment on Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


John Lewis has done it again. For the 3rd year running,John Lewis have come up with a Christmas as which manages to be clever, original and pulls at the heartstrings.It’s a beautiful tale of a snowman on a journey, whilst a child watches from her window.
Watch it. Then watch it again.Now tell me your not feeling festive.


People nowadays are quite happy to downsize with the state of the economy not really improving much since the start of the recession. An inventor who wants to tackle the housing crisis has invented the world smallest home which looks nothing more than a box. The ‘home’ is only one square meter and functions as both a living area and a bedroom should it be rolled on its back. I think this inventor is having a laugh.

​PIN-WORTHY (Rebecca)

I’ll admit it, I have lost more than one Sunday afternoon on Pinterest, looking through inspiring images and compiling picture lists of all the crafts I will do/clothes I will buy/places I will visit one day is oddly satisfying. Now a new feature “Secret boards” opens up new possibilities. Perfect for Christmas ,it allows you to collate your own gift lists for others, without prying ideas, or in a work situation to work on projects unknown to the rest of the company. This latest feature ensures Pinterest continues to operate one step ahead of it’s rivals. Happy pinning.

EDIBLE ART (Victoria)

An artist, dubbed the ‘Willy Wonka’ of art has created some mouthwatering ‘foodscapes’ using fresh fruit, vegetables and sweet treats in a bid to encourage healthier eating.
Londoner Carl Warner is launching his ‘A World of Food’ book this weekend which includes such delights as a Parisian boulevard made of cheese, a chocolate steam train complete with Kit Kat train tracks and a forest of cucumbers.
Carl said he hopes to encourage children to think about what they are eating through his colourful compositions, and although he has included some naughty food in his work, he hopes to glamourise foods like asparagus.
Warning: do not view the below if you are hungry!


We’re going old school with some inspirational gold which influenced the likes of the Monty Python crew. 
I discovered the Running Jumping and Standing Still Film after seeing Spike Milligan’s Dustbin Dance sketch for the first time and decided to delve into his surreal comedy.
If you’re not already familiar with it, it’s a ten minute slap-stick short film shot by Milligan, Peter Sellers and Richard Lester and is hailed as ground-breaking to this day.
If you want to discover Britain’s comedy roots then this is well worth a visit.