Dance Away Your Monday

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Dance Away Your Monday

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It was a hot, sweaty Sunday in New York City yesterday and some ladies decided to cool down by baring their breasts to draw attention to inequality to topless rights between men and women.
Manhattan’s Bryant Park was the venue for the event which was filled by people enjoying the sunshine who quickly took to their camera phones to capture the breasts on show.
The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ provided the soundtrack to the protest but with the lyrics altered to ‘Let Em Breath’. 


After Tony Nicklinson’s tragic high court battle to obtain the right to die became the focus for media across the country, today’s Daily Mail article on the world’s youngest sufferer of locked in syndrome made heart-wrenching reading. Eve Anderson, 9, suffered a brain bleed as a result of an undetected tumour in February 2011, and as a result she lost the ability to move. Eve now communicates through blinking, and the little girl who used to love brownies and Irish dancing has to be tube fed directly into her stomach, four times a day. Eve’s parents talk about how Tony’s plight has raised awareness for their daughter’s cause, and they hope it will help them raise funds which will go towards improving her quality of life. For the full article follow the link below.​


At the start of this video, it looks like it is showcasing a beautiful, peaceful town in Norway. There are bright coloured houses, the water is still and there is soothing music playing. We then stop on the bridge, now you know something is about to happen, but I guarantee, NOBODY expected this. 

100 YEAR OLD MYSTERY (Victoria)

I have always been fascinated by time capsules and even made one as a child which I buried in my back garden – but being the impatient person I am, it only lasted a year before I dug it up as I missed the mermaid Barbie I had hastily packed.
My interest was stirred again last week when I read on Huffington Post that a mysterious package dating back to 1912 was due to be opened in Otta, Norway which stipulated that it must not be touched until 2012.
I don’t know what I was expecting, but it turns out the package did not contain anything remotely interesting – just some fousty newspapers and letters…!id=55544​


With the rise in popularity in baking thanks to programmes like the Great British Bake Off, butter brand Anchor have spotted an opportunity to tap into this trend. It has set up a loyalty scheme called the Anchor Rewards Club which offers members branded memorabilia including aprons, cake tins and tea towels. It has also created a site where members can get exclusive recipes.  I think this sounds ideal for any aspiring bakers looking to make a buttery treat.