Cutting Edge Salmon Hatchery At Forefront Of Green Technology

by Aimee Lawrence

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Meridian Salmon GroupInnovation secures PR Scotland for salmon farming company.

Meridian Salmon Group featured in the Argyllshire Advertiser after investing in a innovative new water recirculation system at its hatchery in Furnace, which will become the most advanced in Europe.

The company has invested £3million in the system is better for the environment, abstracting 90 per cent less water from the nearby Leacann Burn.


Richard Polanski, Hatchery Manager at Furnace, said: “We are all very excited about this technology, which means we will be at the very forefront in salmon aquaculture. 

“While we were keen to develop a system which greatly reduces the amount of fresh water we use, the new system is about providing the correct environment for the fish.

“We are now able to keep our fry and smolts in a safe environment, where we can keep track of them better than before and all aspects of our operations can be more finely tuned and controlled.”

The new technology will make it possible for Salmon to reach sale size earlier and healthier, by allowing greater control over all water parameters such as pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, salinity, temperature, light levels, water disinfection rates, and ammonia levels. 


As a result Meridian Salmon Group’s hatchery technicians will be able to provide fish with the optimum environment to encourage healthy growth.

Once revamped, Furnace will have capacity for approximately three million Salmon parr and three million Salmon smolts, which will all be compliant to RSPCA “Freedom Foods” Standards.

The coverage was secured in the Argyllshire Advertiser on behalf of the Meridian Salmon Group thanks to the expertise of Holyrood PR.



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