Cutting Edge Heaters Bring Warm Glow To History

Direct Savings Press releases

Cutting Edge Heaters Bring Warm Glow To History

Direct Savings Press releases

Cutting-edge Infranomic Far Infrared technology has been installed by the National Trust for Scotland in an historic Victorian property

Direct Savings, based in Livingstone, installed the new technology for Historic Scotland and has sole distribution rights for the UK of the heating system.

The Trust hopes to install the new £5,000 heating system, which can be hidden behind mirrors, into a number of its historic properties. An NTS property in Fife, Scotstarvit Cottage, is the first property to have the system installed.

The infrared system heats solid objects such as walls, furniture and human beings, as opposed to the air around them. Infrared rays flood a room with warmth, which is then absorbed by surrounding materials. This is claimed to be both cost effective and more efficient, as well as having supposed health benefits.

The technology has been used for ‘heat therapy’ by athletes both pre and post workout, and research suggests it may benefit allergy and asthma sufferers. The Infrared Heating Systems have already proved popular in Japan and Germany.

Jessica Snow, senior technical officer at Historic Scotland said: “This is a very exciting project for Historic Scotland to be part of, especially with this being the first system of its kind to be installed in an historic property.”

“Scotstarvit Cottage has been comprehensively upgraded, including wall, roof and floor insulation, and secondary glazing. To complete the refurbishment, we were keen to see the existing oil-fired boiler and heating system replaced with a more energy and cost effective alternative.”

Ged Smith, managing director for Direct Savings said: “Infranomic heaters are the next generation, offering a far more efficient and controllable heating. I believe these heaters can make a difference in both modern and historical properties.”

“We’re installing nine heaters at Scotstarvit Cottage and I’m looking forward to seeing how they will benefit the cottage in terms of reducing costs, creating a healthier environment and improving the comfort for new tenants in the property.”

The full article appeared in Scotland on Sunday and was secured on behalf of Direct Savings in an ongoing PR campaign with Holyrood PR.