Digital PR photography features Scottish PR agency doubling down on digital

Cut through the noise to find the signal – bringing digital PR into the mix


Cut through the noise to find the signal – bringing digital PR into the mix


Scottish PR agency doubles down on digital

Digital PR photography features Scottish PR agency doubling down on digital

IF YOU run or own a business, you could be forgiven if you are suffering from a weird kind of separation anxiety.

That’s the feeling you get as you try to get to the good stuff for your business, by separating the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats or the men from the boys.

Now there’s another “separation” for you to worry about in this digital age – how to cut through the constant noise and hear only the important signals.

Nowhere is the noise to signal ratio worse than when it comes to all things shiny, new and digital. For the past decade you’ve probably been bombarded with unsolicited emails and messages warning that your business is at risk if you aren’t on board with the latest social media fad, from Facebook ads and SEO links, to a “must have” presence on Instagram or TikTok.

Indeed, there is so much, overwhelming, deafening noise that it had can be near impossible to pick out the important parts – those vital signals worth paying attention to and acting on.

So, how do you establish if your business needs to brush up its SEO (it almost certainly does)? Or work out if your company needs to be on TikTok (probably not)? Are social media adverts going to transform your new business pipeline or do you need to work with influencers on the ‘gram to give your image a makeover (in both cases, it depends)?

Fortunately, help is at hand. Our PR agency has been digitally focused for more than 15 years and can help you cut through the noise, understand the signals – and then deliver exactly what you need to reach exactly the right audience.

We do that while removing all of the deliberately confusing language used by many in the social and digital media sector. We also work with clients to establish where they need to focus their attention and why.

So, what is digital PR?

Digital PR photography features Scottish PR agency doubling down on digital

Digital PR is a way for businesses to increase their online presence. It should be a tangible and measurable way to attract customers, build a positive brand or reputation, all while building up a compelling and authentic picture of what your business does.

By having a stellar online presence, businesses can also help build trust and positive relationships with consumers. That helps put your business, products, services and people in front of the right decision makers.

However, to do it right involves more “separation” – this time to differentiate between your sales and marketing messages and more meaningful stories that will earn their way in front of key audiences.

We help our clients to dig out those powerful stories – even when they can’t see them for themselves – then turbocharge those stories thanks to a heady mix of high-quality and eye-catching visuals, focused key messaging and content optimisation.

We excel at providing businesses with a range of digital and social services which are tailored to align with their business objectives. We combine creativity and the knowledge of the digital world with our passion for telling stories which are at the heart of businesses and organisations to make them more profitable while building team morale and productivity.

Digital PR in action

Digital PR photography features Scottish PR agency doubling down on digital

Taking an integrated approach to communications, digital PR can work alongside your other communications strategies to amplify and elevate the buzz around your organisation.

Our team carries out extensive research to analyse the digital sphere and see which platforms and strategies are best suited to our clients to deliver top measurable results.

So, what can our digital team provide? – an extensive range of digital and social solutions, which include:

1.Visual content creation and copywriting

When up-and-coming Edinburgh foodie venue Thai Express Kitchen asked us to help with its social media profile, we delivered a host of high-quality visual and written content, delivering stellar results.

Adding social media spice to Thai restaurant’s menu of success

2.Social media strategy

By putting in place a regular posting schedule, populated with topical and interesting content, our team helped boost Core-Asset’s engagement with its target audience, seeing a 455.26% follower growth.

Scottish recruitment firm attains organic social media success thanks to Digital PR

3.Insight and SEO

In addition to award winning campaigns, our digital team also places a major focus on helping boost our clients’ SEO and link building – strategic intelligence and data experts, Scotianomics, saw 41K visitors thanks to our mini launch campaign for its website.

Creating a website “big bang” as campaign delivers extra digital PR success

4.Influencer management

Our influencer campaign for Scottish rum start-up Brass Neck, helped them build rapport with trusted foodie influencers but also resulted in an increase of more than 100 followers – with an increase in sales on their Amazon shop.

Cheers to digital success for Scottish Rum start-up

5.Blog writing

For any business out there, the website is the main place to feature the company’s services and essentially drive new business – in the midst of a full pandemic lockdown, our series of blog posts and related social media activity helped Eagle Couriers drive a noteworthy increase of traffic to their website with 50% growth in new users.

Scottish PR agency makes a special lockdown delivery – digital PR success for courier company

If you’re interested in implementing an outstanding digital PR strategy into your business, get in touch with one of Scotland’s top digital PR teams today!

Simply give us a call on 0131 561 2244 or take a few minutes to fill in the form below and one of our team will get straight back to you:

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