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Crimbo Limbo Should Be Your Business’s Time to Win


Crimbo Limbo Should Be Your Business’s Time to Win


Extend your competitors’ festive hangover throughout the five days of Twixtmas with a partner Scottish PR agency


CHRISTMAS is over – and yet here most of us are are, several kilos heavier and bang in the middle of a “Twixtmas” hangover. 
Yet the same can be said for so many businesses – as staff hunker down, hibernating until their bleary eyed re-emergence some time around mid-January.
Little do they know the gaping opportunity that is being missed… because while our own stomachs may be full, it’s exactly this time of year when the media are hungrier than ever for YOUR stories
The vast majority of busy marketing and PR departments shut down over the festive period, resulting in the number of stories being pitched to news outlets falling through the floor – at the exact time they have the greatest need for fresh content to keep up with our online reading habits, while often (still) filling a full print edition.
This leaves stretched news outlets in a bizarre situation. Their audiences have far more time on their hands to scroll their newsfeeds or to buy a paper – but the outlets have a dearth of stories to work on AND a lack of reporting staff to work on them.
Not only that, but social media is still awash with Christmas stories, which the media is simply not interested in once the big day has actually passed.
To help illustrate our point, we spoke with Iain Pope, News Editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, who had advice for organisations and agencies at this time:
“There’s always some major news event over the seasonal break, but with staffing cut to the bone newspapers are already literally planning out their editions page by page for the holiday season, certainly for the ‘guts’ of the papers, because they have to.
“The opportunity for PR agencies is to come up with stories on behalf of their clients, well ahead of time, that are NOT distinctly tied to Christmas.

“Chances are that readers of most papers and news outlest will have had their fill of turkey and trimmings and after Boxing Day those stories are completely redundant … but that still leaves a week to 10 days where your business can score well.

“What media outlets need is well-packaged stories, with picture options, which can work on any given day over the break when staffing levels are so low.
“Likewise if you are planning for broadcast you need to have an awareness of your client’s whereabouts and availability for TV/radio. You will have a better chance of getting them in front of a camera now than most other times of the year…but not if they’re at the holiday cottage in Ardnamurchan with the in-laws.
“And please keep your own phone on in the event of a question. We won’t keep you from your eggnog for long.”
The solution that will give you the edge over your rivals 
It can be done – and perhaps most refreshingly it DOESN’T require you being tied to a laptop to approve copy and respond to your public relations agency.
All you need is a PR  agency or a consultant with a finger on the pulse of the media – understanding what they want, and when and how they want it. Not only that, they should be able to plan ahead, spotting opportunities and advise you on the stories that should be held until the opportune moment.
To give you an idea of how this approach looks in action, here are just a selection of the stories we’re telling on behalf of our clients, who are making the most of the Chrimbo Limbo – with the coverage already pouring in and social media buzzing:

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Is this Edinburgh’s Most Romantic Bedroom? – With one eye on the upcoming Valentine’s Rush, we take a look at a beautiful bedroom at the bespoke Nira Caledonia hotel in Stockbridge

Property PR photograph of Leith Walk in Edinburgh on a sunny day

Moderate Growth Will Lead to a Healthier Property Market in 2019 – Everyone loves to talk house prices, especially as we head into a potentially turbulent 2019

Establish yourself now with a Scottish PR agency that will see you through into Twixtmas 2019

We believe that the best route to business-boosting media and digital success is via a long-term relationship with an agency willing to get under the skin of your business.
Ensure that your firm is reaching its key audiences throughout 2019 – and especially during the “Crimbo Limbo”, by getting in touch with us on 0131 561 2244 or by using the form below:

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