Credit crunch could pave the way for new courier boom

Eagle Couriers Press releases

Eagle Couriers operatorThe economic downturn could help to create new business opportunities for couriers and delivery firms, according to Scotland’s leading independent courier company.

Eagle Couriers believes that, while many businesses across Scotland are struggling due to the credit crunch, the economic conditions may bring new tenders and contracts to the country’s courier industry.

The company, which employs more than 100 people between its bases in Glasgow and Edinburgh, says that many businesses will be looking to streamline and cut costs over the coming year as they try to cope with the downturn.

And as some firms are expected lay off their internal delivery staff in an attempt to save money on their operational costs, Eagle Couriers believes that this could lead to delivery tenders being offered to external courier firms.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers directors, said: “Because of the current climate, lots of businesses are feeling the strain and there will be many managers looking at ways to cut their overheads and stay in business.

“We expect that a lot of firms with internal delivery departments will be looking hard at their balance sheets at the moment and there will be many who find they cannot afford to keep these operations going.

“But if this happens, we expect it will have a huge knock on effect for the courier industry. Even if businesses scrap their own full-time delivery drivers, they are still going to need to transport their important data and documents.

“Firms like us are therefore going to be ideally placed to take advantage of this situation. Safety and security will still be vital when it comes to delivering sensitive data and it will be more cost effective to pay a courier firm like us who have economy services to do the work, rather than maintaining an internal department.”

Jerry adds that the economic conditions will lead businesses across the country to look for extra ways of ensuring the best quality service for their clients – which will include guaranteeing the security of any packages that are delivered.

He added: “There’s no doubt that the credit crunch will lead to companies becoming fearful of losing business to their competitors. Everyone is going to be looking for ways to ensure they are offering the best possible service in order to prevent their clients moving their business to another company.

“Many of these firms will be looking for additional ways of ensuring their deliveries are carried out swiftly and safely, and the obvious place to look for that kind of expertise is in the courier industry.

“Although economists are predicting a gloomy future for UK businesses, I’d argue that there are still opportunities to be made for firms like us over the next year. We would have preferred the economy to return to its former prosperity, but at least there is some cheer on the horizon for couriers – which is more than can be said for many other firms struggling in the current climate.”