Crashing In On Doomsday With Our Holyrood Five

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Crashing In On Doomsday With Our Holyrood Five

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DOOMSDAY? (Victoria)

So this may or may not be my last High Five ever…
US space agency NASA is so confident that the world will not come to an end that they have already released a video for the day after entitled, ‘Why The World Didn’t End Yesterday.’
The video brings together a host of NASA experts who give a post (non) event take on our apparent doomsday.
Its scientists believe that the Mayan calendar has been hugely misunderstood and fuelled by social media and the internet.
Theories of our demise include a rogue planet smashing into Earth; a tidal surge or total blackout caused by planetary allignment; a reversal in Earth’s rotation, an impact by a giant asteroid; or a giant solar storm.
Well I guess we’ll have to wait until 11:11am GMT to find out!


The Jimmy Kimmel show have created a video that pokes fun at how bleeping out a word in a sentence can completely turn it around and make it into a rude one. The show has put together a series of clips from the year and bleeped out a certain word or words to make the clip sound rude or like a character is swearing. They have even managed to turn Dora the Explorer into something that would be aired after 9pm. 
This technique could be used for hundreds if not thousands of clips and I am sure there will be plenty of people trying their hands at this.


Who doesn’t wish there is a soft play centre which caters solely for adults!?!?
Well this hasn’t yet been created but evian is to transform London into a giant playground as part of its ’31 days to live young’ January campaign.
Adult sized swings at Canary Wharf and a giant see-saw in Finsbury Avenue Square will feature snow machines under the rule that if more people play, the greater the snow reward.
It’s no soft play centre but this will be amazing. Bring it to the mentalists in Scotland.


Whilst perusing the web I stumbled upon the Telegraph’s top ten list of the best Xmas movies. I have to say they have certainly missed a couple a tricks. How could they leave out my favourite crimbo film, Jingle All the Way with the one and only Arnie.  Surely this film which is so bad it’s actually so good should have made the list. Even the hit Elf didn’t get a look in. That’s because sitting in its place was the Gremlins and Die Hard. They may be good films in their own right but they are not Christmas films! Rant over.


I considered blasting explosive noises through my speaker system into my flatmate’s bedroom this morning for the crack but I’ve since found out that the much documented end is expected to come at midnight.
So, still some time left if you’re a believer. If not then you might cast your mind to our these believers will cope when we’re still plodding about the earth’s smooth landscape.
The BBC looks at how different civilisations and religions have forecasted the end for hundreds of years and how they have coped when the end hasn’t come nigh.
How will the millions who believe cope this time with it, due to the size of the mass media, being the possibly documented and feared one yet?