Courier Company Goes Electric

Eagle Couriers Press releases

Courier Company Goes Electric

Eagle Couriers Press releases

Eagle Couriers' Electric Bike A forward thinking Scottish courier company has become the first of its kind to sign up to a new association in the hopes of cementing it green credentials and encouraging other courier firms to reassess their carbon footprints.

Eagle Couriers signed up to the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland (EVAS) earlier this month (February) after adding an electric bike to its fleet in 2012 and the firm has high hopes of adding more electric vehicles over the next few years.

The firm which has bases in Bathgate, Edinburgh and Glasgow is now one of just sixty members of the EVAS, which represents both current and potential electric vehicle owners in Scotland.

The EVAS also aims to influence Scottish Government policy, ensuring that electric vehicle owners are fairly represented in its expansion of carbon reducing solutions.

Adrian Loening, chair of the  Electric Vehicle Association Scotland, said: “It’s great to welcome the first courier drivers to our scheme and we hope that they will play an important part in encouraging other like minded companies to follow suit. Providing support to drivers of company electric vehicles is a great first step to wider uptake

“Not only will their membership with us give them a chance to learn and share experience but it will also help reaffirm their commitment to green travel, highlight them as one of the early adopters of electric vehicles and give them a unique opportunity to influence policy.

“The electric bike which they have introduced will bring so many benefits to their business. It’s not just the fantastic employment opportunities they have created but running the bike costs just pennies compared to a petrol vehicle and it is much friendlier to the environment.

“For inner-city deliveries, what else would you want?”

EVAS was formed one year ago and has wide appeal for members with some joining because they are conscious of global warming and the use of fossil fuels and others joining because it is cheaper than diesel and want more information on what it is like to drive an eco-friendly vehicle.

Director at Eagle Couriers Jerry Stewart is currently exploring further ways in which the firm can make more of an impact when it comes to electric vehicles and have been exploring the possibility of adding an electric van to the fleet, but are waiting for the right development in technology to come along.

Jerry said: “We are delighted to be a part of EVAS, as reducing the environmental impact of our activities, fuel emissions and carbon footprint is at the forefront of everything we do.

“We have already introduced an electric bike and would love to be able to add an electric van to our fleet as well when the technology develops enough for our needs. Being members of the EVAS allows us to keep abreast of developments and make that move at the right time

“We are continually looking at ways to improve the efficiency of our fleet and electric vehicles are just one way of doing so.”

Eagle Couriers added an electric bike to its fleet in November 2012, giving them the opportunity to employ young people aged 18-24 who previously had to be 25 to drive a van.

Electric bikes or e-bikes as they are also known are different from traditional bicycles and motor cycles as an electric motor which uses rechargeable batteries is used to power them. They can reach speeds of up to 15.5mph are a fast becoming a new and environmentally friendly way to get around the UK’s road.

Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s leading courier firm with over 27 years’ experience. More information about the company can be found at

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