Countdown To Christmas With Our Five Web Wonders


Countdown To Christmas With Our Five Web Wonders

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Three Canadian students have become YouTube sensations after creating heart stoppingly calorific and fat laden meals, and eating them.
Much of their gut busting fare is meat based, with an emphasis on bacon, and as each component is added to the meal, on-screen counters display the calorie and fat content of each new addition and of the overall meal which is rather frightening at times.
Previous projects have included, “The TurBacon Epic Thanksgiving” (A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig) and “The French Fry Pizza Salad” which ironically includes absolutely no vegetables.
They have just released a special festive themed video entitled ‘Bacon Tree’ made out of a staggering 2000 bacon strips which contains 40,350 grams of fat and 216,960 calories…
Great inspiration for this year’s Christmas Meal I think.


I am the youngest member of staff in the office and looking at these even make me feel old so I feel sorry for our slightly “maturer” members of staff. This website has compiled together a list of 40 things only certain age groups will get and understand. It then puts them into perspective for you by giving a statistic. An example of this is number ‘2’ on the list, the TV show Clarissa, I remember watching this when I was younger, well she is now 35! I will admit that there is a few on the list that I am unsure about so I don’t feel that old.
Have a look yourself and make yourself fee ANCIENT!


The United States hasn’t exactly been the most progressive country in history when it comes to tolerating or including those with “alternative” lifestyles. For example, its archaic policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ruled in the armed forces for many years – where gay or lesbian soldiers were allowed to get blown up for their country provided that they didn’t profess to be openly gay while doing so.
Thankfully this ridiculous system was kicked out by President Obama in September and, as a result, we’re now starting to see scenes like this one taking place – where openly gay members of the military can share tender moments with their loved ones while dressed in uniform. In this latest example, two female sailors have become the first-ever same sex couple to share the traditional dockside “first kiss” – where a raffle is held and the winning member of crew gets to be the first to greet their partner on shore with a symbolic kiss after a tour of duty. About time too.


So Christmas is a time for joy but it is also a time for arguments tears and tantrums especially between women and their other halves. This funny article has identified the top ten things that males should never say to their wives and partners at Christmas if they don’t want to get a punch in the face. The list includes ‘I wish you could make mince pies like my mother does’ and ‘you should take a chill pill/chillax’…I’ve definitely heard the last one from my boyfriend a couple of times this last week…..


A Dutch photographer has released a collection of photographs which show the effects of war clearly etched on the faces of young soldiers. In the series of subtle black and white photographs, Claire Felicie shows 20 men before, during and after their service in Afghanistan and whilst the changes may not be as shocking as you’d think it is the subtle revelations of their inner turmoil that make the pictures hard hitting and poignant. For me it is the eyes in each picture that express most clearly the toils they’ve been through.