Why video is the perfect tool to raise the bar for your legal firm

by Izzy Stiven

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Does the future lie with YouTube? Our digital agency takes a look at how video is changing the face of digital marketing

Get Social: Why video is the perfect tool to raise the bar for your legal firm PR IT GOES without saying that the ever-expanding world of social media is changing the way in which legal firms promote themselves.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn open up instant and direct channels of communication between a company and the public and have undeniably altered the client/business relationship.

While YouTube stats still fall behind its social media allies, research has shown that harnessing the power of video can have real and quantifiable benefits to a businesses’ level of engagement – in fact, videos shared to Facebook boast an organic reach 135% higher than that of a simple image.

With 500 million hours of video watched every single day and nearly 2 billion users, YouTube offers law firms the unique opportunity to take a more transparent and human approach in reaching out to potential clients. It seems only logical legal businesses should be taking advantage of this large existing audience in generating interest and growing their client base.

And they have. We produced a video for Gibson Kerr’s YouTube channel to help the firm to give a brief guide and promote their services.

The film gives the viewer 5 tips from a seasoned family law specialist on how to make the separation process less painful and less expensive. From bringing a friend to the appointment to keeping meetings business-like, the trusted advisor offers her tips on ensuring the divorce process remains civil and smooth.

We’ve also worked with Boyd Legal to create a short promotional video.

The film shows an experienced member of the team discussing the top five reasons why the firm won the ESPC Customer Service Award. Among them is the value they give to the customer’s time and their approach to building strong relationships with clients – helping to humanise the firm and distinguish them from their competitors.

Working closely with the clients, our in-house team created these videos for Gibson Kerr and Boyd Legal; providing them with engaging content that they were able to share across their online platforms.

Why not find out how the skills and expertise of our PR video team could help tell the stories of your business?

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