Cosmetic Clinic Has Fill Of Media Thanks To Edinburgh PR Agency

Dermal Clinic Media Coverage

Cosmetic Clinic Has Its Fill Of The Scottish Media Thanks To Edinburgh PR Experts

Dermal Clinic Media Coverage

Dermal team fresh faced and smiling after media makeover


SCOTLAND’s leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments has been filling the press in recent months – with a little help from our award-winning Edinburgh PR agency.

Located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, our client is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to provide specialist care for the face and body. It specialises in providing expert advice, solutions and services to help clients feel better about themselves – including treatments unique to Scotland.

For us at Holyrood PR, this was a somewhat different style of client to what we are used to, but after diving straight into the work, we discovered Dermal had an abundance of newsworthy, yet untold stories on its beauty books. Since we teamed up in March, the clinic has been enjoying a raft of varied press attention ever since.

Firstly, the clinic garnered the interest of the business sector by providing expert commentary on new Scottish Government legislation which required all independent clinics to be registered and inspected for the first time.

Describing it as “the most fundamental change to happen to Scotland’s cosmetic industry”, cosmetic nurse Jackie Partridge, who runs the award-winning clinic, hit the headlines of renowned business sources Scotland B2B and Scottish Business News Network, guaranteeing a considerable readership across the country.

And it didn’t stop there. Dermal Clinic was once again in prime position in the business press last month, when it reported annual double digit growth, highlighting that consumer interest in health and beauty procedures continues to advance at pace.

The clinic recorded its best monthly revenues in June, with sales up 49% year-on-year – contributing strongly to its anticipated annual sales growth of more than 20% and, as PR experts, we took the opportunity to shout about it in the press.

Within just a couple of hours, the story of the clinic’s sales lift was up online on The Scotsman website, which was then followed by a key piece of print coverage in the following day’s paper – a fantastic hit for the cosmetic specialist as this is Scotland’s most trusted national newspaper and reaches a potential daily audience of over 270,000.

*****FREE FIRST USE. NO IPTC DATA TO BE CHANGED***** IN PIC................. (c) Wullie Marr/HPR For pic details, contact Wullie Marr........... 07989359845Find out more about the new government legislation which requires all independent clinics to be registered – and Dermal Clinic’s significant involvement in this fundamental change to the cosmetic industry

However, with a expert cosmetic client like Dermal, there is never a shortage of a diverse stories to fill the features and beauty pages. On the back of our legislation coverage, we then secured a particularly noteworthy splash in The Sun, warning those keen to undergo non-invasive treatments of the dangers of doing so at an unregistered clinic.

The double page spread was dedicated solely to Dermal Clinic and Jackie’s expert opinion and a huge hit four our client, with The Sun’s potential readership well into the 200,000 mark.

Dermal Clinic is also the only Edinburgh-based cosmetic clinic to offer the exclusive weightloss treatment Alevere. With a huge array of success stories on their books, we worked sensitively and respectfully to pull together case studies on willing participants who had triumphed in dropping dress sizes.

As a result, we secured a key feature in popular weekly women’s magazine Chat, which is read all across Britain and beyond, therefore significantly spreading the word of the hugely successful Alevere treatment to potential clients in these areas.

Our overall work with Dermal will ultimately raise its reputation as a specialist provider of face and body care, and position it as a leading clinic for people looking to inquire about non cosmetic procedures all across the UK.

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