How I adapted during my first week of WFH

by Cameron Ward

Monday, March 30th, 2020

During times of national uncertainty such as the Covid-19 pandemic, PR plays an even greater role in delivering reassurance and stability

During times of national uncertainty such as the Covid-19 pandemic, PR plays an even greater role in delivering reassurance and stability - Coronavirus PR

Without question this has been the most challenging week – albeit in my short – professional life. The current global climate has left an understandable cloud of uncertainty over the economy and the health of the society.


It has forced the vast majority of businesses to adapt to a relatively unorthodox way of operating day to day business. Working from home, or WFH as it is more regularly referred to, has been implemented across the country to try and stop businesses halting production or stalling on performance. 


What is an alien concept to many, WFH is meant to facilitate all of your business needs without relying on the office environment. But does it work?


PR relies upon consistent communication between clients and fellow team members, and so questions arose in my head as to how we were going to effectively, and efficiently deliver for our clients when working from home.


Like every workforce the length and breadth of the country we have had to adapt to a new way of working, a new way of communicating. From the outset we knew this wasn’t to be a caricature gimmick where we got to spend a few days in the comfort of our home giggling at how we looked over Zoom in our conference calls. It was to be far from that.


If anything, WFH requires greater concentration and further discipline from the individual to produce content that will provide results.


Personally, it was important for me to continue my routine as normal. From setting my alarm clock, to my eating habits. Not only does this enable me to continue in some form of normality, but it also provides a sense of comfort and reassurance.


From the outset our team knew we were going to face major challenges throughout this period. A precedent was set from the off that we would do everything for our clients, and go above and beyond our traditional remit. 


Arguably these uncertain times are more critical than ever for our clients to be seen as being proactive in this current situation. As a PR agency, we have to adapt and brainstorm new ideas which can utilise the best of a bad scenario for our clients. In essence this is the time where we can really earn our stars and stripes by guiding our clients through this hazardous period.


We have a duty to support our clients through this uncertain time. Despite the office layout being different the same rules of engagement apply: Work hard for your clients, be innovative, inventive for them in ways that will make clients understand how PR plays a vital role in times of crisis.


So does WFH really work? Of course it is unusual and requires self-motivation to get the job done, but everything remains the same.


We have put into place steps and policies to make our work more streamlined for each other and our clients. We are also continuing to adapt to the changing environment.


Rather than seeing this as a hindrance. We are looking at this as an opportunity to show our worth to our clients, to go above and beyond what is expected. This ideology was also shared at company level.


At the end of our first WFH week we had a team meeting over a video conference call where all is laid bare about our current situation. Without sugar coating our director drew inspiration from President John F. Kennedy: ‘It’s not what your employer can do for you, but what you can do for your employer’.


Words of inspiration, words of prevalence and defiance in these testing times. Yes, there is an air of uncertainty of what the future may bring, but the message was clear. Band together, work hard for each other, and now more than ever go beyond what is expected from you.


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