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From North Berwick to Bangkok: Campervan converter goes global with one million YouTube hits

Jerba Campervans Press releases

From North Berwick to Bangkok: Campervan converter goes global with one million YouTube hits

Jerba Campervans Press releases
Consumer PR Photography, Jerba Campervan team resized

CAMPERVAN converters in East Lothian have racked up more than one million YouTube views on its informative and tutorial videos from enthusiasts around the world.

Since uploading its first video to the platform in 2017, VW accredited Jerba Campervans has accumulated a cult-like following, with more than 5,000 subscribers to the channel, from as far afield as Mexico and Thailand.

With more than 56,000 hours of watch time – equating to 6.5 years – the content ranges from product reviews, workshop videos, campervan tours and tips and tricks, sparking an interest from Jerba owners and keen campervanners alike.

All content is curated by the 14 strong team, who all share part ownership of the employee-owned firm and all take their turns on camera.

In addition to the firm’s popularity on YouTube, a Jerba Owners’ group has garnered more than 740 dedicated members who share images of their Jerba campervans alongside tips and product recommendations.

Domhnall Dods is an active member of the Jerba Owners’ group and a regular viewer of the YouTube channel.

He said: “The YouTube channel and community group are a fantastic point of reference for all who want more information about Jerba vans or to get hints and tips from other owners about living with a camper van .

“The Jerba Owners’ group was started by the Jerba community and it’s a friendly and helpful space for people to ask questions and share information. It’s particularly good as all the advice is tailored to Jerba vans rather than generic campervans.”

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Domhnall, 55, bought his first Jerba Campervan in 2012, before selling it on in order to purchase a second van which he uses for regular trips with his wife and 15-year-old son.

He added: “I’m already on my third VW camper and third Jerba campervan, and it is my pride and joy. As a family, we take regular trips to meet up with friends across the UK and Ireland and we travel to France every year.

“When deciding what features we wanted for our second van, the YouTube channel came in really handy. We were thinking about getting a diesel hob, which we hadn’t had before so it was great to be able to refer to the videos to see how it worked ahead of buying.”

“The personal rapport Jerba has with its customers has, in my experience, always been second to none, and the YouTube channel, with its informative and helpful videos is an extension of that service.”

Jerba Campervans founded in 2005, specialise in converting Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Models and is officially recognised by Volkswagen as a converter of the model. In 2015, Jerba Campervans gained a patent for their unique pop-up roof, which they add to all of their Volkswagen conversions.

The conversion company continues to keep their customers and staff at the heart of their business.

To find out more about Jerba Campervans, visit and its YouTube channel

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