Construction site safety pioneer takes action to protect its own business future


Fire, falls and first aid specialist calls on Eureka Solutions for cloud upgrade

A SAFETY equipment pioneer has geared up for business growth after partnering with one of the UK’s leading cloud business software specialists

Bull Products is already a UK leader in fire safety equipment, fall prevention systems and other lifesaving technology, particularly for the construction industry.

Now the independently-owned business, based in Hereford, is preparing for further success, after bringing in cloud infrastructure experts, Eureka Solutions, to overhaul its operations.

Ross Markham, the founder and managing director of Bull Products, said: “Our fantastic team has helped us build up our successful business to date, but we are still ambitious to go further.

“Bringing in Eureka Solution to provide us with best in class cloud-based systems is a clear statement of intent. It is vital that, in this increasingly digital era, our systems are state of the art and futureproofed.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Eureka Solutions. They carefully reviewed our existing systems and listened to what we needed. They are renowned as experts in cloud business systems and it is easy to see why.”

The project will see developers with Eureka rollout enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which streamlines all of the essential processes involved in running a business. For Bull Products that will be a carefully tailored version of Oracle NetSuite, the number one global product.

Once deployed, the system will ensure separate parts of the business – including the finance software, the stock control system and the customer management operations – all work seamlessly together.

Gillian Livingstone, Chief Operating Officer with Eureka Solutions, said: “Once the new systems are in place, it will be transformative for the team at Bull Products and will help them to unlock their ambitious growth plans.

“Virtually every growing business is plagued by the issues that come with building operations from the ground up – and that is that different databases or software systems don’t connect with each other.

“Moving information between them manually is not only hugely time-consuming, it is also fraught with problems and errors, all of which are bad for business.

“With the new system in place, the team at Bull Products will be able to get meaningful business reports at the touch of a button; they’ll get a complete overview of the business at any point; and it will all be in the cloud, accessible from anywhere at any time.

“It really is difficult to overstate just what a major difference it will make for a company that is undergoing such fast-paced growth. We totally understand this, because we have been on our own major expansion and know just what is involved.”

Indeed, multi award-winning Eureka Solutions has grown significantly since it was launched in 2004. Base in East Kilbride, Scotland, it now has 60 staff, more than 2,000 live contracts and is predicting double digit growth over the next year.

The Bull Product contract is one of four major wins for Eureka. The others included similar projects with Salix Finance, a not-for-profit government body which provides interest free loans to public sector organisations such as schools, emergency services, hospitals, leisure centres, local authorities and the NHS to invest in renewable energy technologies.

It is also launching new projects with Sensewhere, which provides innovative indoor location software for retailers and WiFi SPARK a fast-growing company, which provides WiFi access points to the NHS, venues, stadiums and town centres.

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