Commuting Days Are Done

Banks Group Press releases

Commuting Days Are Done

Banks Group Press releases

Technology has made it possible for more and more people to work from the comfort of their own homes bringing about a revolution in the design of houses

A standard family-sized property used to be viewed as a three-bedroom semi or detached; however in recent years four-, five- or even six-bedroom houses are becoming popular in design choices of new developments.

When these larger homes are displayed as development show homes, more often than not the extra bedroom or an additional reception room is styled as a study or home office. Some even include inbuilt shelving and units.

Banks Property, based in Hamilton, is now following up on a style of living pioneered in New York. Plans have been drawn up to build, what they term as, live-work units. The village of Lesmahagow in south Lanarkshire is to be the venue for this new approach of living – heading off to work without the need to commute.

Designed as the centrepiece of their Wellburn Farm development Banks Property say the units will be a traditional housing constructed from transatlantic-inspired designs of sustainable architecture, whilst using renewable energy technologies.

Lesmahagow is particularly apt for this project since it is one of few places in Scotland with access to super fast broadband, as well as being located only half-an-hour from central Glasgow for those wishing to access the city centre.

Colin Anderson, managing director of Banks Property Developments, said: “The number of people working from home is increasing and we believe these live-work units are the answer.

“Our vision was to create a sustainable community which sits perfectly within the surrounding countryside yet still only a short distance from urban areas.”
In total there will be 59 live-work homes alongside 120 traditional designs. The difference of the new housing designs is that the living and working areas are clearly divided with separate access points, making it easier to switch off at the end of the working day.”

Banks Property wish to ensure there is a strong community spirit at Wellburn Farm, including civil spaces, focal hubs and a High Street in designs.

There will be two styles of live-work properties within the development, offering choices of size and layout as well as the internal space being specially customised to suit individual needs.

Mr Anderson continued, “The live-work units are just one element of the exciting proposals for Wellburn Farm, which reflect a growing demand for all types of flexible, modern and sustainable housing.

“An important element of our plans is sustainable design and architecture that will use renewable energy technologies and give the development a strong green character.”

This piece appeared in The Daily Express and was secured on behalf of Banks Property Developments as part of an ongoing PR campaign in association with Holyrood PR.