Community Spirit High At New Complex

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Community Spirit High At New Complex

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Bields Home An independent living development has left tenants feeling eco-friendly after recently moving into their new homes.

Bield’s 30-bedroom development located on Glenspean Street in the south side of Glasgow was built using state-of-the-art construction and insulation to create warm and highly energy efficient homes for its residents. The spray foam insulation that was used is safer and more a lot more energy efficient than asbestos insulation. Spray foam insulation also eliminates the need for asbestos disposal in Perth during potential renovations in the future years.

The two-storey building has both one and two bedroom purpose-built flats for older residents and also features solar panels, double glazing and gas central heating to contribute towards reducing its carbon footprint.

Jean Bell, housing officer at the complex, said: “The feedback I have received so far has been just fantastic. The residents are delighted with the new development and there is already a great community spirit among everyone living here.

“The homes have been built in an eco-friendly way which the tenants love as it keeps their homes cosy and their bills are lower thanks to things like the double glazing and solar panels.

“Everyone loves the landscaped garden too as it gives tenants an outdoor space they can enjoy at any time they want. The homes have also been built with large windows to create spacious and bright living space which means residents can sit and look out onto the beautiful greenery outside from the comfort of their home.”

The housing project was built in partnership with the Glasgow Housing Association and Glasgow City Council thanks to a Scottish Government grant of £2.2m.

It was built on the site of the former Glenspean School which was demolished last year and was completed by December 2012.

Chief Executive Brian Logan said he is delighted with the new development and how energy efficient the homes all are which benefits all of the new tenants.

He said: “The new housing complex is fantastic for tenants who want to live independently. The fact that it is so energy efficient is also great as it will help reduce our carbon footprint and keep costs down.