Community Café Hosts Dementia Support

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Community Café Hosts Dementia Support

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

BieldPR Scotland supporting dementia support initiative.

An afternoon service designed to support individuals with dementia in Dundee has launched thanks to a much needed donation from the Lintel Trust

According to Care Industry News, After applying for a funding to set up a life stories project, Bield’s Bonnethill Gardens very sheltered housing received the sum of £1,960 from the Lintel Trust.

The “Life Stories and Reminisce Project” at the cafe provides a welcoming space for individuals with dementia to share life experiences with other residents, family and carers in the hope that it will improve their mental health through increased social interaction.

Each week, the tenants are encouraged to bring in keepsakes including things like artefacts, cuttings or books which will help them enhance their experience at the sessions.

Jeni Sinclair, volunteer development worker at Bonnethill Gardens, said: “We are extremely thankful to the Lintel Trust for its most generous donation towards our Life stories project at the Clachan.

“Bield’s philosophy is to focus on the individual and their abilities which is why we think the Life Stories and Reminisce project will be a big success with staff and residents.”

Lintel Trustt is an unendowed charitable trust that works with voluntary organisations and local communities throughout Scotland to encourage and enable individuals to live as independent a life as possible in their homes and to play an active part in their communities.

Chief Executive Brian Logan said the project at Bonnethill Gardens typifies the approach Bield has made to improve the lives of people who use its services under its new inspirational statement: Free to Be. 

He added: “Dementia can cause loneliness and confusion so a project like the “Life Stories and Reminisce Project” can help reduce social isolation whilst embodying Bield’s wider ‘Free to Be’ philosophy, which enables people to make their own choices about how they live their lives while being there to support them when they need it. 

“Our volunteer network is stronger than ever and is really helping to make an impact to enrich and enhance the lives of those using our services.”

Bield – a registered charity – has grown from humble beginnings, starting out with one housing development in Bo’ness to become a major provider of a wide range of housing and services for around 20,000 older people across 22 local authority areas.

The full coverage can be read on the Care Industry News Website and was secured on behalf of Bield thanks to Holyrood PR.