Communications firm supports plans for a 20p-per-hour wage increase

Commsworld Press releases

Communications firm supports plans for a 20p-per-hour wage increase

Commsworld Press releases

Comms World Pic: Peter DevlinA thriving Scottish firm which has paid the “Living Wage” since the company started in 1994 has urged other businesses to back the scheme, citing a host of benefits and performance improvements.

This week, it was announced that around 35,000 low-paid workers will receive a 20p-per-hour wage increase with plans to raise the Living Wage to £7.85. The new rate, set by the Living Wage Foundation, will be 21% higher than the national minimum wage and works on a purely voluntary basis – as firms choose to adopt it.

Ricky Nicol, Chief Executive of Commsworld, insists part of the success of his business is down to the fact he has invested in staff through the Living Wage commitment.

He said: “We have always been a firm supporter and practitioner of the Living Wage principle and have had this policy in place for many years.

“I absolutely believe it sends out the right message to employees that they are valued. The resulting loyalty and commitment of our staff over the past 20 years has been vital to our success in that time.

“If other businesses out there are considering adopting the Living Wage, but the numbers are making them nervous, I would urge them to take the leap. 

“There might be an immediate hit on the bottom line, but in our experience it is more than repaid in the medium to long term with the increased productivity delivered by a motivated workforce.”

Currently, just over 1,000 employers adhere to the voluntary Living Wage scheme nationwide and groups include banks, media companies, religious organisations and housing associations.

The initiative was implemented after a study revealed 5.2 million people, 22% of the workforce, are paid less than the Living Wage and struggle to keep up with rising living costs and inflation.

Commsworld is Scotland’s leading unified communications specialists, providing customers with a full range of integrated communications solutions.

This year the firm celebrated its’ 20th anniversary and it is now Scotland’s biggest independent specialist in network, telephony and mobile communication solutions.

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