Commsworld chief slams Openreach

Commsworld Press releases

Commsworld Chief Executive Slams Openreach Verdict

Commsworld Press releases

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THE boss at Scotland’s leading telecommunications network provider has criticised Ofcom’s decision not to call for the sale of Openreach.

Ricky Nicol, Chief Executive at Commsworld, believes the reluctance to break Openreach away from BT has more to do with the pension deficit within the Group and the financial issues this would create, than any real strategic play.

Ricky said: “This will be the last throw of the dice for BT to hold onto Openreach and is a result of short-sighted conclusions from Ofcom.

“It is still wrong to maintain what is effectively a monopoly – and this will not encourage investment in what is a critically important infrastructure for UK prosperity and development.”

Ofcom has ordered BT to give more independence and investment powers to Openreach, which owns the fibre and copper wires that run from the local telephone exchange to homes and businesses – a move roundly criticised by political and business leaders calling for a full split.

Ricky added: “I know from personal experience how bad the service from BTOR can be and we have numerous customers still waiting after more two years to get connectivity, with over 20 customers waiting for more than a year.

“The UK is desperate for an improvement and in my opinion the best way to achieve this is via a competitive choice for customers.”

Commsworld employs 63 staff dedicated to providing outstanding communications to businesses and organisations throughout Scotland.

Founded in 1994, Commsworld is Scotland’s leading Telecommunications Network Provider, providing customers with a full range of integrated communications solutions. Get more details on telecom coverage and capabilities from here.

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