Collaborate or perish – make sure your event isn’t past its sell-by date

by Ross Stebbing

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Achieve the best results from your event with the help of an award winning PR agency.

Public relations agencyin Edinburgh Holyrood PR promotes business eventsANYONE who has ever thrown a party knows the secret dread that no-one will turn up.

But anyone who has ever thrown a successful party knows that it takes more than crossing your fingers and hoping they will come.

In fact it it comes down to careful advance planning and ground work – and many of the same principles apply when organising business events, including conferences.

To learn from the best socialites, businesses event organisers have to build a sense of anticipation  in advance, making it more likely it that people will turn up. And to ensure future success, it is also important to ensure plenty of buzz during the event – so that those who aren’t there get an idea of what they are missing out on.Holyrood PR client Can Do Towns Innovation Challenge

Here at Holyrood PR in Edinburgh our PR services are ideal to help anyone promoting business events, by generating the kind of valuable advance media publicity that is essential to putting bums on seats.That’s exactly what we did for our client, Can Do Towns Innovation Challenge and its enterprise conference in Paisley.

Firstly we made sure all of the right people knew about it, thanks to a successful public relations campaign. Then we joined the team on the day and made sure the main points made by the speakers were shared on social media.

The first part of our campaign was to let the right audience know about the event – delivered with aplomb thanks to advance coverage  in key business titles including The Economic Voice, a trusted voice in the worlds of business and entrepreneurship which reaches more than 82,000 influencers.

Can Do Towns Innovation Challenge client at Edinburgh based PR agencyThen there was more coverage in the respected Scottish Business News Network, ensuring Scotland-wide reach thanks to the  distinct websites ti maintains for separate regions including the Highlands, Aberdeenshire, Tayside, Strathclyde and Lothian.

Cementing our credibility as Scottish PR experts, we also secured a page lead in local title, the Paisley Daily Express, which reaches more than 20,000 people in the greater Paisely area every day, including local business influencers.

The results was a sell-out succcess story as 90 entrepreneurial activists flocked to the  Scottish Government backed event, created by the Can Do Towns initiative, which is dedicated to promoting clever thinking and ideas to turn around the economic fortunes of town centres.Award winning agency in Edinburgh secures client coverage

Margaret Burgess, Scotland’s Minister for Housing and Welfare, attended to show her support for the event, at the Abercorn Conference Centre, in Paisley on January 23, which was led by enterprise specialists Iain Scott, George Boyle and Ernesto Sirolli – who explored how communities could unlock the enterprise talent in their local area.

However, the PR strategy did not end there. The team at our public relations consultancy like to get out of the office and be on the frontline with our clients. So our staff made the trip to Paisely where we helped to boost key messages via a stream of Tweets coupled with photos from the day.

Our social media coverage ensured even those who weren’t able to attend on the day still had real-time access to the goings on at the event – and it proved a success with many re-tweets and a high click rate.


As well as being a complete success, the event threw up several PR bonuses which let us – and team behind the Can Do Towns initiative – know for absolutely certain that public relations delivers real, tangible results.

A few weeks earlier we helped ensure the work of Can Do Towns featured in an exclusive interview with STV Glasgow about its work in partnership with the Carluke Trust to restore on of Scotland’s last windmills.

Not only was that coverage one of the biggest talking points among delegates, but it was also revealed how PR success helps breed further PR success – since national newspapers including The Herald and The Scotsman followed up that TV coverage by contacting the Carluke Trust to secure their own interviews.

That was important to our client because it reassured them that PR successes we are delivering really are making sure their messages are getting in front of the right people.

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