Colin Hunter Appointed as Interim Head of Waterfront Edinburgh

Waterfront Edinburgh Limited Press releases

Waterfront Edinburgh Ltd has announced the appointment of Colin Hunter, a leading figure in the regeneration sector, as its acting Chief Executive.

Mr Hunter brings a wealth of commercial experience from both the public and private sector.  His immediate priority will be a review of the company’s future focus with business and employment creation as one of the key objectives.

Once that review is completed, he intends to work with local agencies in order to maximise local job creation opportunities.  He will also focus on enhancing Waterfront Edinburgh’s role to ensure social integration in the north of Edinburgh.

Mr Hunter said:  “With my wide experience in regeneration, commercial and economic development I hope to help take the Waterfront project to the next level of implementation for the benefit of the wider North Edinburgh community.”

Waterfront Edinburgh was set up in March 2000 as a catalyst for the regeneration of the coastline and immediate area at Granton. The scheme, one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Scotland, plans to revive some 345 acres of land.

The company itself owns 120 acres of that land, including 1.3km of land on the waterfront.  Over the next 10 years, this land will be transformed into a new community with high quality residential, leisure, cultural and commercial developments.

Waterfront Edinburgh is a joint venture between The City of Edinburgh Council and Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothians. Mr Hunter, seconded by the City of Edinburgh Council, is head of Companies Development Team and is also a former employee of Scottish Enterprise.

Significantly, he also has previous experience as acting chief executive of the EDI Group, the commercial property development arm of the City of Edinburgh Council, and has remained a director of EDI for the last 5 years.


He currently retains a wide range of other relevant positions of behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council and is presently an Executive Director with both New Edinburgh Limited, the £100 million Edinburgh Park joint venture with Miller Group and with Shawfair Developments Limited, the New Town joint venture development creating 4,000 houses in Midlothian. 

Councillor Elizabeth Maginnis, chairperson of The Board of Waterfront Edinburgh, said they were delighted to secure the services of such a highly-respected and experienced figure over this interim period.

Mr Hunter replaces Stephen Izatt who, it was announced last month, is leaving after three years. Mr Hunter will remain in position until a detailed recruitment process has found a permanent successor.