Cocktails get you in the Christmas spirt

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases

Cocktails get you in the Christmas spirt

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases
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Edinburgh’s top style bar chain is helping festive revellers enjoy some seasonal spirit by launching a range of fun and unique Christmas cocktails, including one inspired by legendary crooner Bing Crosby.

The award-winning Montpeliers (Edinburgh) group, whose portfolio of units include Opal Lounge, ricks, Indigo (yard), Assembly, Montpeliers of Bruntsfield and the recently acquired Candy Bar, have created a collection of luscious cocktails that are guaranteed to perk up any Christmas night out.

The lists have been devised by Scotland’s award-winning mixologists and can easily be replicated at home when throwing your own Christmas Party.

Standard and unusual spirits, combined with traditional festive elements such as clove, brambles and cranberries, have been used to create the likes of Hot Toddy, Winter Daiquiri and Merry Mojito.

Jamie McComb, manager at Indigo (yard), said: “I’ve tried to evoke all the Christmassy smells and tastes in this range as well as adding a bit of glitter and sparkle with the inclusion of some champagne-based cocktails.

“This year our cocktails are very seasonal with rich, warm, and comforting flavours. For example Bling Crosby contains Cherry Marnier and champagne, giving it a bit of bling, with lemon juice, sugar and fresh raspberries, adding some festive colour.

“We base our cocktails on traditional favourites but with the addition of a few extra ingredients, this can take a drink onto another level. A perfect example is the mojito – a classic cocktail that can take on a whole new flavour just by adding a few berries and different spirits. This year we have devised the Merry Mojito, which by adding cranberry vodka and mixed berries has given this cocktail a whole new taste sensation.

“Everyone enjoys a drink at Christmas and people tend to be more adventurous in their tastes over the festive season which is why cocktails are always the most popular choice at this time of year, rivalling champagne, spirits and beers.”


***Pictures of a selection of Montpeliers Christmas cocktails available on request


Opal Lounge’s cocktail list:

Stollen Mule – Amaretto, Absolut Vanilia, Cinzano Rosso, lemon juice, gomme drop, Angostura Bitters, Hoegaarden. £5.95

Red Rickey – House red wine, Cherry Marnier, white sugar, orange. £5.95

Hazelnut Alexander – Courvoisier Exclusif, Mozart Chocolate Liqueur, fresh cream, franjelico. £5.95

Gingerberry Sour – Auchentoshan 3 Wood, lemon juice, gomme, Angostura Bitters, fresh raspberries, muddled ginger. £5.95

Winter Daiquiri – Bacardi 8 Year Old, lime juice, apple juice, crème de mure, brambles. £5.95

Old Fashioned Christmas – Woodford Reserve, Plymouth Sloe gin, orange marmalade, ice, orange zest. £5.95

Vixen Royale – Plymouth Sloe gin, Chambord, Moet & Chandon Rose Champagne. £7.95

The Edwardian – Jack Daniels Single Barrel, fresh pear, lemon juice and thyme. £7.95

rick’s cocktail list:

White Truffle Martini – Finlandia vodka, Crème de Cacao, truffle oil. £6.95

Alpine Glow – Bacardi Yr rum, Cointreau, Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup. £6.95

Bastille Blazer – Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif, Grand Marnier, fresh raspberries, orange twist. £6.95

Prickly Acacia – Auchentoshan 3 wood, prickly pear roasted, Acacia honey, lemon juice, orange bitters. £6.95

Christmas Cracker – Plymouth gin, Cherry Marnier, cranberries, mint, lime, sugar and ginger beer. £6.95

Rhubard & Orange – Knob Creek, rhubard and orange preserve, Pimms, orange bitters. £6.95


Rick’s Winter Tea – Mount Gay XO rum, fresh lemon juice, sugar, hot lemon, ginger tea. £6.95

Jack Rose De Luxe – Jack Daniels No.7, Calvados, fresh lemon juice, grenadine. £6.95

Indigo (yard’s) cocktail list:

Festini – Courvoisier Exclusif, Cointreau, cranberry juice, orange juice. £5.50

Yule Mule – Skyy vodka, Chambord, cranberry juice, ginger beer. £5.95

Hot Toddy – Auchentoshan 3 wood whisky, lemon juice, cloves, sugar. £6.00

Chocolate Orange – Cointreau, hot chocolate, Mandarin Napoleon, cream. £5.95

Merry Mojito – Finlandia Cranberry, mixed berries, mint, sugar, soda. £5.75

Bling Crosby – Cherry Marnier, Moet & Chandon champagne, raspberries, lemon juice, sugar. £6.95

Blazing Blitzen – JD Single Barrel, Cinzano Rosso, apricot liqueur, apple juice, vanilla sugar syrup. £6.95

Xmas Caketini – Woodford Reserve, Frangelico, crème de cacoa, raisins, cinnamon. £5.95

Montpeliers of Bruntsfield cocktail list:

Festini – Absolut Peach, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, fresh lime, orange bitters. £4.95

Snowflake – Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Vanilla Schnapps, Moet & Chandon champagne, mint. £5.95

Carol Slinger – Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cherry Marnier, fresh lemon, soda. £4.95

Five Gold Rings – Courvoisier Cognac, Apple Schnapps, fresh lemon juice, apple wedge. £4.95

34th Street – Absolut Vanilia, Crème de Cacao White, chocolate spiral. £4.95

Hollytini – Plymouth Gin, Noilly Prat, Crème de Menthe. £4.95

Yule Mule – Skyy Vodka, ginger beer, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, bitters. £4.95

Merry Mojito – Finlandia Cranberry, fresh mixed berries, mint, sugar, soda. £4.95

The Great Escape – Woodford Reserve, Frangelico, Crème de Cacoa Dark, raisins, cinnamon. £5.95

Candy Bar cocktail list:

Bastille Blazer – Courvoisier Exclusif Cognac, Grand Marnier, raspberries, orange twist. £6.95

Christmas Cracker – Plymouth Gin, Cherry Marnier, cranberries, fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar, ginger beer. £5.95

White Truffle Martini – Skyy Vodka, Crème de Cacao, truffle oil. £5.95

Candy Bar Winter Tea – Mount Gay XO rum, fresh lemon juice, demerara sugar, hot lemon & ginger tea. £5.95

Woodolph’s Recipe – Woodford Reserve, cranberry and lemon juice, sugar and mint. £5.95

Santa’s Jack – Jack Daniel’s, maple syrup, ginger marmalade, lime and apple juices. £5.95

Mulled Martini – Cinnamon infused Finlandia vodka, Goldschlager, cranberry juice, merlot and orange bitters. £6.95