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Climbing The Graph To Search

QueryClick Press releases

Climbing The Graph To Search

QueryClick Press releases

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The birth of the Google Knowledge Graph brings a very important period for both the search industry and SEO according to one of the UK’s fastest growing search marketing agencies.

QueryClick who help businesses raise their online profile and help them understand and attract their ‘virtual’ audience, understand that its arrival brings a new method of searching – looking at the relationships between words.

The Knowledge Graph, which is initially available to U.S. users, only before it will be rolled globally, represents a change of direction for the company which allows them to focus on context rather than keywords, as before.

Chris Liversidge, founder of Queryclick said: “The Google Knowledge Graph is a very significant change to Google’s existing search algorithm. 

“It’s a well-known fact that Google makes several changes to its search algorithm every year, but the Google Knowledge Graph is a very important step forward for search.

“For the first time, Google will be able to look at the relationships between words, rather than just the words themselves. This is a new and exciting era of search which will help make it ‘more human’, and enable users to find relevant information they’re looking for much quicker and easier.”

The Google Knowledge Graph uses different information sources to answer search queries compared to before, when sites like Wikipedia, Freebase and even the CIA World Factbook were used. 

At present, the Google Knowledge Graph contains more than 500 million objects and more than 3.5 billion facts between these different objects, which have been based on what users, are searching for.

Chris added: “One thing Google and undoubtedly users of the graph will be particularly excited about is the ability to uncover some unexpected discoveries-you might learn a new fact or new connection that prompts a whole new line of enquiry.

“While the Google Knowledge Graph is not yet available to users in the UK, the upcoming trial of the new algorithm in the US will be a very important period for both the search industry and SEO. 

“One question is on the tip of our tongues-is Google moving closer to the ideal of the ‘Star Trek’ computer they’ve dreamt of building? For now, we will just have to wait and see what the new search engine has in store for us”