A PR agency in Edinburgh offers individuals valuable public relations experience

Clients, websites and PR bibles – My first week in a PR agency

  Intern Programme

Clients, websites and PR bibles – My first week in a PR agency

  Intern Programme

PR intern learns new wonders after one week at PR agency

A PR agency in Edinburgh offers individuals valuable public relations experienceBy Amelia Birt

TRUTHFULLY, I find it hard to believe it has already been a week since I first sat at my desk in the Holyrood PRs office. I also find it hard to believe how nervous I was on Monday, and how difficult it was to get up at seven o’clock in the morning.

Before starting my internship I had been assured this would not be like any other internship – I would not be asked to do the tea and coffee runs, man the photocopier and answer phones all day. In all honesty I found this a little hard to believe, and so was quite sceptical on the bus ride down to Leith.

My previous internships have consisted of shadowing various employees, or spending the day on the floor, unloading more than forty boxes of cosmetics and creating gift bags. I’ve spent a lot of time doing the ‘dirty work’ without feeling I had any genuine responsibilities.

However, upon my arrival at the office I was warmly greeted by Linsay, Office Manager, who sat me at my desk and nudged what seemed to be the thickest folder that I had had to read in a while, in front of me; introducing me to The Intern Bible. (I think it’s probably more comparable to the S volume of the British Encyclopaedia.)

I was advised to have a quick skim through it before the morning meeting (which was happening forty minutes later) to get a feel for the responsibilities I’d have over the coming four weeks – all of which were detailed in the Bible to ensure I’d be able to work efficiently and independently. As I read, Holyrood Director Scott Douglas did the day’s first drinks run to the kitchen, offering everyone a tea or a coffee. I have to say; that really gave me a feel for the working atmosphere at Holyrood PR above anything else. The whole team have been very professional, helpful and welcoming.

A PR agency in Edinburgh offers individuals valuable public relations experience

My first week interning at Holyrood has been busy and very fulfilling. The Intern Bible said that I would most likely spend the first few days reading it, and getting a feel for the websites the team use to upload press releases and media coverages, as well as photoshop and their clients. However, following that Monday morning meeting, I was set new standards – I was already being assigned to write material for the Holyrood website, and the number of tasks I was being assigned steadily grew over the week, increasingly exposing me to the PR world.

The rest of the week kept me occupied as I became involved with an array of clients and tasks. I chased up reporters about press releases sent to them – attempting to sell the story in three seconds flat, I learned to use the back end of the Holyrood website – uploading press releases to WordPress and discovering the wonders of SEO and as the week progressed I was tasked with research for clients and producing and uploading media coverage and press releases.

Come Friday, with one of the team member’s absent, everyone’s daily task list seemed a little longer than usual, but this did not dampen the office’s elated Friday atmosphere. Dress

Down Friday is taken very seriously and there was not a tie to be seen. My day was quite staggered as I juggled different tasks for different clients throughout the day, and had to find the time to write this blog in snippets – which, I have also thoroughly enjoyed.

I am already finding it difficult to keep track of everything I have learned over the past week, and I look forward to adding to this growing list over the next three weeks. My main goal, though, is to get so comfortable speaking to journalists that selling in stories becomes nothing more than a breezy relaxed conversation – I may be aiming high!

I feel like I’ve not stopped since I got here and it has been, so far, a completely thrilling experience.

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