Citylets Analyse Property Market for Online Scotland PR Coverage

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Home Move Citylets OnlineCitylets has been featured on an online property help portal thanks to its commentary on the increase in Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

The letting company – who hold extensive property listings for flats to rent across Scotland and Belfast – voiced their view on the hike of CGT to 28 per cent in June.

An article appeared on Home – the UK’s indepedent property help portal offering information, help, advice, and tips, to people looking to enter the UK property market.

One of the company’s market analyst Dan Cookson is quoted in the piece as saying that rents are likely to rise because of the tax move. The article also states that letting and estate agents had given “mixed reviews” to the increase.

The article appeared on the Home Move website and was the result of a sustained campaign by Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.