Christmas Eve Crackers From The World Wide Web


Christmas Eve Crackers From The World Wide Web

High Five

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Still deciding what to do for New Year? Why not check out this feature of the best party pads around on the Telegraph online. From Essex to Antigua these places look absolutely amazing! I particularly like the Ibiza and New York residences, after all these two places are two of my favourite in the world!


The subject opens with ‘could zombies live among us?’ Probably not but check out what happens when a few New Yorkers are transformed and left to wonder the streets with us mere mortals.Instead of chasing after shocked passersby they roam the streets amongst us which I reckon makes them even creepier.


For those of us who like to share every moment of their life on social media platforms, be it tweeting about a bus ride, commenting on how good a film was on Facebook or taking a photograph of your tea and posting it on Instagram, then you will love the latest gadget to become available.A Swedish team of entrepreneurs has launched Memoto, a postage stamp-sized lifelogging device that captures your life in a series of photos and an associated app that organises them into searchable, shareable “moments”. Will this become the latest craze, or will it en-cur a series of problems with taking photographs of people without their permission. Only time will tell.


Did David Cameron’s overtly religious (by this I mean predominantly Christian) Christmas speech remind anyone else of a naughty child reading off a Christmas list knowing full well his all knowing parents were within earshot? Quoting the Bible and referring to his own personal faith, the Prime Minister was less-than-subtly trying to ease the current tension between the coalition and the Church. His apparent Christian-rimming religious beliefs seem to slightly contradict his claims last year of being no more than a ‘vaguely practicing’ Christian. In my opinion, the sooner people start the give the Church the status, respect and authority it deserves – NONE – we will all be far better equipped to get on with the stuff that actually matters.​

ACTION MAN 1981 (Aimee)

Kids across the country will be sitting tight waiting to rip open boxes with some fierce ferocity. Wouldn’t mind some toys myself and in tune with this for some nostalgic fever I caught 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathon Ross on the big box last night – i’ll not spoil the surprise and reveal the top spot.In amongst the pile of entertaining plastics were Action Men which was presented with a pretty hilarious advert from 1981.Featuring for the first time eyes that actually move, this ad cracks me up in all its retro naffness.