Chiene + Tait Warns Of Tax Pitfalls For Scottish Estate Owners

by Laura Berry

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Great PR For Chiene and Tait in Private Client Adviser

Helen Mackenzie of Chiene and Tait Chartered Accountants wrote an article which featured in Private Client Adviser magazine.

The Holyrood Partnership was approached by the editor of PCA in response to a press release that we had issued regarding the SLE event.  They asked if Helen Mackenzie could write an article focusing on the pitfalls involved in buying a Scottish estate.  

The piece explains some of the benefits to and also the problems encountered when buying a Scottish estate.

In the article she writes “Buyers may not expect an immediate return on their investment and, in the past, it was increasingly difficult to generate profits from a traditionally operated agricultural estate.

“Now, however, there are diversification opportunities, particularly around the renewable energy sector.”

The article is a great piece of promotion for Chiene and Tait and was secured thanks to the excellent media relations of The Holyrood Partnership team. 

This coverage was secured on behalf of Chiene and Tait by The Holyrood Partnership.


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